I am being throughly entertained tonight by a show on Discovery channel called Dr. Tatiana: Sex advice to all creation. Apparently a bee's penis explodes after copulation and stays lodged in the female in order to ensure his only legacy. Evolution, however, has endowed the female with the ability to dislodge the ill-fated memeber, thus allowing others in.

Apparently the animal kingdom is riddled with harlots and fantastic genitalia. We mere humans, however, are not so fortunate, and have rather ordinary penises. As far as harlots, well, apparently, by and large, human women are more faithful. So, here we are in the SP world.

If any of you have Discover channel, you should watch it. I'm sure it will be aired again sometime soon (Discovery always shows repeats throughout the week).It has been most entertaining in light of some of the less cheerful topics and raging battles of late on MERB.