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Thread: In your experience, what is the % of fake pics for SP MP ads

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    In your experience, what is the % of fake pics for SP MP ads

    I would say, 80 if not 90% of pics on ads are fake. A quick check with TinEye will tell you if the pic is used elsewhere in the world. I never go to places with fake pics. Some are so obviously fake, I do not even know why they bother. Some even say the pic is real when it is not.

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    I would rather have liked the title to mention B&S - BS rather than only of fake pics... B&S - BS includes Fake Pics but also the case when the Pics are real but were taken 10 years ago... Then you meet the actual girl with 20 pounds over...

    95% of Ads on 123 or Backpage MTL are B/S - BS.

    BS = Bull Shit which is when the Pics might be real (or not) but in addition, the service announced are not offered... (GFE in ad but not gfe at all. Or GFE included in ad, but GFE is extra in real...)

    Now, with experience, I can spot Fake ads a mile away... And I use Tineye and Google Image to check when I'm not sure...

    Still, I will get burnt once in a while... But a lot less than 2 years ago.

    Even the VERY photoshopped pics of girls for me are often B&S. Many Asian Agencies are using this. I bet than many times, it is not even the real girls...
    I've got burnt many times with Asian Agencies... Because really diff than pics, and BS service.
    I don't do business with asian agencies anymore... Unless a GEM is discovered and reviewed...

    hopefully, most advertizers on merb, (not talking of asian agencies) use real pics... Some are not very up to date sometimes (Girl heavier) and some BS (service not as advertised), but a lot more reliable than Ann123/Backpage ads...


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    unclebob is right
    so much bs everywhere.

    i remember once i saw a very appealing ad. so i called the number and asked for the mentioned girl. they said that she was just about to leave, but since i called she'll wait for me. when i got there, no such existed, the location was dark as fuck, the place stank and people there were pressuring me to spend time with a girl other than the one mentioned in the ad.

    this other time, a girl had stated her rates to me on the phone. when i went to see her, she changed her rates to be even higher.

    but anyways. for the fake pics thing, quite a number of them are stolen porn pics with the face blurred. or they take another girls pic from another site. looks can be deceiving, that's why it's better to go with an agency. less likely to get duped.

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    I get a laugh when add says 100% real pics. Just not of the girl you will meet

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    Worst I had was a BP picture of a brunette spinner white girl that turned out to be a light skinned black girl. come on!

    I would say nearly all the BP photos I have seen (save 1 or 2) were fake. But fake is the rule and real is the exception! I am also not too fond of glammer pics. I like them but the girl that I see often do not measure up to their highly touched-up glammer photo shoots. I want to see what I am getting. The last two SP's I have seen in the states had video for preview (I will post these in other cities soon). It is hard to touch up video

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    Most of MPs i went to were using fake pics, but i have found a few gems here and there. I was not expecting anything looking at the pics though, because they were obviously too good to be true. Just good surprises at the door.

    For SPs, i usually go indy and those are mostly accurate in my case. But when i like an encounter, i tend to repeat, so i can't say that i tried dozens of different ones.

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    I suspect many people hop from place to place. Stick with a few good ones, once in a while you can try a new place. In my experience I am not getting better 9 out of 10 times with new places. Indies are best, the ones that work i regular schedule are better than the ones that sometimes work and sometimes are not available

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