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Thread: Bonne Fete Alyssa Rose

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    Bonne Fete Alyssa Rose

    Enjoy your day

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday Alyssa! We are quite friendly and I think you are really a great person.

    Enjoy, and I wish you the very best! You deserve it.


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    Hello all,

    Ich möchte einen besonderen Segen zu einem der schönsten und verführerische Frauen, die ich je gekannt haben wollen. Die Messe und wunderbar. Alyssa Roze.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, alles Gute zum Geburtstag meine Göttin.

    (I want to wish a special blessing to one of the most beautiful and seductive women I've ever known. The fair and wonderful. Sincerely, Happy Birthday my goddess. best wishes)

    besten Wünsche,


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    Lily from Montreal
    Bonne fête ma toute belle xxxxxx

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    Same here Alyssa! I owe you a drink for your birthday, or should i say a "pitcher" (haha) of your fav drink, forgot the name of it but you no!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alyssa Roze View Post

    It is funny and very nice to see how many good people you get to know on an escort review board, and how they come into your personal life... Chloe, Lily, Mike, lgnaxxx & ManApart are some of the ones that i had the pleasure to know and consider them as friends!

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    Happy birthday, Alyssa......what a day to have your birthday on!

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    Hope you had a happy day, Alyssa. You are certainly one of the more engaging people I've had the pleasure to meet in these parts.
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    Happy belated Birthday Alyssa! Your explanations on the board are always insightful, reasonable and logical and your analogies are the absolute best!

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    I only know you from your comments on this board but all the same I hope you had a happy Bday.

    All the best to you.

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    Je désire ajouter mes voeux à ce concert de louanges, même si je suis en retard!

    Alyssa est définitivement ma préféré (et de loin!) parmi les quelques femmes qui postent sur Merb. Poursuis ta lancée, l'avenir est tout grand ouvert pour toi.
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    Does anybody have Alysa Roses contact info?.She is advertising here but no contact indidated.

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    Bonne fête beauté
    "I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy."
    -- Steve Martin

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    Bonne Fete
    Here's to the people we've met, and the people we've fucked And to those of us who have had no such luck Here's to beer in the glass and vodka in the cup Here's to poking her in the ass so she won't get knocked up Here's to all of you and here's to me... Together as friends we should always be... But if we should ever disagree... Then fuck all of you and here's to me! - Tucker Max

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    Guys... Amazona a juste publié son message au mauvais endroit... Hahahah I think if you look closely at the previous posts from 2013... her birthday is in April
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