I know this has been asked before, but just wondering if by any chance, the situation has improved.

Which agencies usually have quality availability during the day (morning to mid-afternoon)?

2 SPs/day would be ideal (to maximize vacation time in Montreal from the States), but it seems as if there's slim to none pickings with the agencies (even the 24/7 ones) during the daytime. Then, when evening comes, there's an overwhelming gluttony of options to choose from.

(Have pretty much accepted by now that Sundays are bad for this, so will plan future vacations with no time in town on Sundays.)

My problem is that Mr. Johnson needs a good 6-8 hours (with food & water) to get back up to speed again, so daytime availability would conveniently give the time for this, as well as provide a well-paced vacation.

Thanks for any info or updates.