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Thread: Will a positive review of the golden egg kill the goose ?

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    Will a positive review of the golden egg kill the goose ?

    Hello all,

    What do you think?

    No names of currently working ladies or agencies allowed.

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    In the 3 last girls to be so well reviewed and called Superstar, one quickly left the business traumatized by an agression, one is now indy at 300$ and the last one left the city to live with an emir...

    It seems we never learn...
    That's the story on probably the last 10 who had an abundance of good early reviews.....burnout from overbooking with the wrong kinds of clients, skyrocketing hourly fees because demand has increased prices, and the Sugar Daddy client taking the girl off the's happened before and will happen again because these are unalterable facts of life.
    Since the mods don't like debates in review threads...I caught this little debate going on and I thought it brings up a good reality question on a number of levels. But mostly I think the issue is about how much we as clients really control what is happening when the ladies (the best) and agencies make choices that don't benefit us.

    This is about POSITIVE information, what we do with it, how it flows out, how it alters the behavior of the ladies and/or agencies who motivated it. One member seems to imply we should restrict that information to keep conditions most favorable to we the clients. The other member says it's inevitable that these great ladies move on one way or another, or rates increase for us all.

    BTW - "Inevitable" in this case means when she becomes popular, not the end of escorting.

    Personally, I agree the situation is inevitable even if only minimal backdoor information exists. You start telling anyone and the process begins. Even if we all shut up, the agencies know who creates more profits and it benefits them to promote those facts.



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    Well, I immediately think of Vivienne of MSC and Molly of MTLGFE, two of the best reviewed "superstars" of recent years. In each case, they remain nothing short of fabulous and quite accessible.
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    One of the agency owners I spoke with last trip told me that there are 8,000 escorts to choose from in Montreal. His point was finding an escort is easy but making a choice is difficult (because there is so much talent to choose from). One thing is consistent: there will be girls available when you travel to Montreal.

    Since my first trip to Montreal in May of 2001 and since I had my first MERB advertised agency girl in 2007, I have noticed that SP's cycle through the system. 1-2 years seems to be the average career. NFL running backs last much longer. The SPs that stick around longer may go indy and charge more or make you book 2 hours. If you want to get nostelgic you can pay more to see one of those girls or you can look for new talent.

    But do not worry, the Montreal escort Freshman class of 2014 is in their senior year of high school frantically getting ready for senior prom. She may be spinning her wheels in her freshman/sophomore year of college or working some remedial job somewhere. Next year she will choose to be an escort and chase the big dollar. Why give it away for free? We will see her soon.

    I can't wait!

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    Of course great escorts can decide to up there rate, and if they get clients, thats cool for them. One that comes to my mind is Chloe Milan. She was a "superstar" at GOF for like 2 years(maybe more) , well she was there when i started 4 years ago. I am glad i saw her back then, she was great. I supose her service is still great, yet of course at 500 the hour, she is out of my "TDL". Think she does 300 for merb members(not sure if still on) but maybe im wrong but last time i checked she want 4 stars hotel, prefer 2 hours meeting... anyway all of this to say she is out of reach to me... with all the great choice there is in montreal at normal rates.

    But since she is still in business, guess she does have her clients regular and such, so i say good for her if everything work fine.

    Then there is other "very great escorts" or superstars if you prefer that stay in agencies, at normal rates, or may get to 220(thats no biggie) and this cool. In any case do you prefer to have a regular or get new girls every time? Personally i enjoy both, as the chemistry is better and you know what to expect, there is not that "shyness" thing too with somebody you saw many times... But at the same time, i like to try new girls for the novelty, to up my "fuck count" if i can say(im refering to a shooter game Kill count lol) so i can say i had sex with that many girls to friends or whatever(not force to mention the money involved lol)

    In any case... good reviews help the merb community, and we don't hesitate to say whats negative about a girl, so why shouldn't we praise her when she is awesome? I like that when they read my rewiews and know i had a good time, next time ill see them, they will remember etc. Now for bad clients... its a sad reality... merb aint just Merlot, Hungry101, Doc Holliday, Myself and the other "regulars" . There is TONS of lurker that never even register... So its sad if one of the assholes actually assault a girl and she leaves because of that, and choosed her because of merb, but this can happen to any SP and is a sad reality. I don't think we should blame merb reviews for that
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    Many girls are in it to pay off a debt or to set up a business. It could also be that their Flavor of the Month novelty has worn off and they are of to another city to be the new kid in town. It could also be that they changed their look and name and offering something new when it is the same old thing in a new package.

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