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Thread: Safety question

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    Safety question

    Which is safer - hotel, spa or indie's place ? Only looking for massages.

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    All of them but depends on how u would like to use them. This thread should be for 411 not here though.
    I wish u all the best and happy hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by rm123456 View Post
    Which is safer - hotel, spa or indie's place ? Only looking for massages.
    your safety question is unclear.What is your concern.
    IF you go to get a massage with honest intentions and for instance its a spa and 1 girl is giving xtras and the cops go in,this is s public domain even though you are innocent the whole place staff and customers get busted,this happened to a co worker of mine.
    hotel or indies place in this instance is private and 2 consenting adults as long as 1 is not a cop.

    if its a question of health concerns,which one of the 3 has the highest turnover of customers,or which one of the girls has unknown health problems or has health problems and money is her only concern.
    I would think in this instance a well known spa would be the safest,but recently someone gave me detailed information on a massage girl who happened to be someone I met as an escort so, I was floored,but she did have papers for massage and was good at is.but her other skills are amonst the best I have had.since she has transist to a massage studio I will leave her nameless.

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