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Thread: Male healthy lifestyle

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    Cool Male healthy lifestyle

    According to "yahoo" today a Guinness cheese beef chocolate and masturbation are good for your health.
    So a big cheese burger and a bar of chocolate washed down with a pint of Guinness followed by a massage and HJ contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
    Enjoy folks.

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    Thanks for this. I guess I know how I'm going to spend this rainy Sunday.
    Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.

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    He seems to know his stuff and he doesn't rely on broscience.

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    Voici un clip sur le massage du pénis:

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    I'd leave out the bun, simple carbs... are not good. If you want to bulk you up them but if you want to stay thin, or the same weight... get rid of them.

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