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Thread: Who would you rather... do.

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    Who would you rather... do.

    Lucy from the Big Bang Theory. Played by Kate Micucci

    Or the "Mother" from How I met your mother. Played by Cristin Milioti

    Feel free to google if you have no clue what I am talking about. Youtube for videos can be useful IMHO as they both show better in motion.

    I was going to poll it but meh.

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    Hard to choose but as a duo would be very interesting ?

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    I want to do Bernadette from BIG BANG, her voice drives me wild.
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    You know that it isn't her real voice. Sorry to spoil the fantasy. But if we are talking sexy voices, how can you overlook Howard's mother. Just kidding.
    Melissa Rauch the actress behind bernadette is a hot little number and has her charms in that role.

    Quote Originally Posted by oldbutartful View Post
    Hard to choose but as a duo would be very interesting ?

    Sadly I doubt girls like that would ever get hired on at an agency. Even if they did, the no face pic standard would mean you would never know.

    I do prefer Kate Micucci over Cristen Milioti myself. I dig the adorkable.

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    Yes unfortunately I do know it's not her real voice but we can always dream.
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    If you dig the voice, how do you feel about Kristen Schaal. I like her hyper active rodenty good looks and she has the squeeky voice. The horrible things I'd do to her. [like stare awkwardly in her direction then walk away]

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    Cristin Milioti! SOOOO hot!

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    None of the 2 they both have funny faces/butterface my opinion

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    Cristin for sure. She's been hot since the sopranos. And she's looking great in the new di caprio movie "the wolf of Wall Street "

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEHITMAN View Post
    None of the 2 they both have funny faces/butterface my opinion
    I second your opinion.

    I know that beauty and taste are subjective though. If you guys find these women sexy or appealing, that's ok but their charms don't work for me.

    In fact one of them reminds me of Agnès in Les Brilliant? (2:35 of the clip)
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    I'd go for the Big Bang girl any day.

    The "mother" girl really rates as a Little Bang.

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