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Thread: Bad News On Exchange Rate!

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    Bad News On Exchange Rate!

    Canadian Dollar as of 6/03/05

    1 CAD/in CAD
    American Dollar 0.801089/1.2483
    Australian Dollar 1.06132/0.94222
    Brazilian Real 1.9291/0.518375
    British Pound 0.442127/2.26179
    Chinese Yuan 6.63022/0.150825
    Danish Krone 4.87415/0.205164
    Euro 0.655181/1.5263
    Hong Kong Dollar 6.23416/0.160407
    Indian Rupee 34.8474/0.0286966
    Japanese Yen 86.3895/0.0115755
    Malaysian Ringgit 3.04414/0.3285
    Mexican Peso 8.67099/0.115327
    New Zealand Dollar1.14458/0.873682
    Norwegian Kroner 5.17408/0.193271
    Singapore Dollar 1.33622/0.748381
    South African Rand 5.49547/0.181968
    South Korean Won 805.896/0.00124085
    Sri Lanka Rupee 80.0449/0.012493
    Swedish Krona 5.98334/0.167131
    Swiss Franc 1.00497/0.995058
    Taiwan Dollar 25.0501/0.0399201
    Thai Baht 32.5483/0.0307236
    Venezuelan Bolivar 1718.02/0.000582067
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    Still, Eager is right it's not bright on the exchange front for CND$... Some currencies like the Euro or the Yen are more interesting to play around with. I'm holding on to my US for now, hoping for better rates in the fall. But with the oil markets fluctuating, and with China becoming a more important trade partner day by day, we will definitely not see the rates we used to get in the 80s...
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    actually it is GOOD news now!

    the good news is that the TOP has been made in the $Canadian dollar

    the only thing that matters for currencies is short term interest rates ..... for many years US short term rates were higher than Canadian short term rates ... for over a decade in fact and that was the cause of the decade long decline in the Canadian dollar down to the final low of 61.8 in early 2002

    the world's hot money goes after the best short term interest rates

    in early 2002 the short term interest rates between the USA and Canada inverted ... Canadian short term rates went above US short term rates for the first time in over a decade ... this caused the huge rally we have had since the 2002 low .... hot money going into the currency with the highest short term rates

    late last year the short term rates inverted again after 3 years .... US short term rates went above Canadian short term rates ... that caused the TOP at 85.4 ..... the trend is now down for the Canadian dollar .... it will remain that way until short term rates reverse again ... at this time the US Federal Reserve continues to raise short term interest rates while the Bank of Canada threatens to keep doing so also but never does ... the result is an increase in the difference between US and Canadian short term interest rates ... therefore you can expect the downtrend to continue in the Canadian dollar and even accelerate to the downside .... there will be 1 to 2 week sharp rallies to destroy speculators but the downtrend will resume once speculators are crushed

    american's can therefore expect more BANG for their buck
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    I hope your right seeker. All I know is that my pussy purchasing power (PPP or P Cubed for you Mathematicians) has been going down all week.

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    do not let last week bother you ... like i said above there will be sharp moves that are against the downtrend ... markets do not move in a straight line ... sharp moves against the trend are needed to destroy speculators ... as such markets always move in the direction of least resistance ... that means the direction that causes the greatest financial pain over the short term

    i like your PPP

    i use CCC ... that's C cubed ... i trade Commodities to acquire Cash to purchase Cun*
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    Very insightful and informative posts, The Seeker. Thanks .

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    Thanks for the info Seeker... It definaitly sheads a posaitve light on my future visits...
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