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Thread: Posting questions in the review sections??????????????

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    Posting questions in the review sections??????????????

    What is it lately with posting questions in the review sections? It doesn't seem that complicated !

    Am I the only one who's annoyed by this?

    Do you think the mods should start issuing suspensions?

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    It does not annoy me at all. But it is against the merb's law so it is good to warn the people that post a question in the wrong section...

    It is often newbies. And like every newbies on this site (Well most of them) and even the less newbie ones, NOBODY read the freaking rules...

    This is a very minor infraction that certainly don't deserve a suspension IMO but they have to be warned and if they repeat, then I guess suspension may help to make this particular and simple rule to get understood...

    I've learned myself most of the rules by reading a lot before I start posting...

    Merb used to have big blinking or colored banner warning people to read the rules, but I don't see them anymore...

    Most people never look at the sticky posts and goes directly to unread posts...

    It takes a while to get familiar to the rules, principles of merb, ex.: to know where to post, to know all the little particularities like No Contact info in 411 section, No sex Service info in Massage sections, No questions in other section than 411 section unless asked in an existing review thread, NO Money talking in a review thread unless part of a review, etc... Stay on topic in any section, even the lounge, etc...

    So I will always prefer to give a chance and warn before giving the ultimate punishment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious2012 View Post
    What is it lately with posting questions in the review sections?

    Do you think the mods should start issuing suspensions?
    Hello Curious,

    What kind of questions? If it's about trying to get further details in some way about the experience, from what I understand that is part of the proper function of the review threads, along with contrasting experiences. But if it's just chit chat, badgering or some form of attack then obviously it's a problem. In the past the mods have been hard on violators, especially when they don't pay attention to warnings. If you think the mods are missing something then send a PM. I'm sure they will react to bad behavior in review threads swiftly and firmly.



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    To be fair, we have to say that this site has a lot of strict rules, and it's not easy for a newbie to get them all at first. But i guess it comes with the nature of the site itself.

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    Questions of such as trying to find out about a certain SP, or agency, or just about know the ones that belong in the 411 section....and they're all posted in the review sections.

    There just seems to be an outbreak lately.

    I find it's just a waste of time when I click on those, thinking it's a review.

    I guess we all have our pet peaves

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    I just figure most people on this board must be smart enough, to have made enough money to partake in this expensive hobby. Given that some of the many rules are not as obvious as others, I just don't think posting in the right section is one of the tough ones.

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    Curious, money does not always equal smartness.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Curious do you have a copyright on your pet peeve? Because I just saw a review in the 411 and that annoyed me so I second the motion, post where you should and all will be well, not enough for a suspension but maybe a little warning?

    And Blob is right, brain might helps but there is a lot of dumb people who have lots of money ,makes one wonder about life's fairness sometime but that's another story...

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    The questions in wrong section can happen to newbies but when people ( not newbies ) quote the whole post above

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    Curious do you have a copyright on your pet peeve?
    No copyright Lily! And if i'm to share my pet peeve, might as well be with a sexy class act like you. No offense guys.

    Sol Tee,
    I agree that's also quite annoying. I can't believe anyone doesn't know about the delete key.

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    Hello everyone,

    When we find such a post we send the poster a warning and move the post to the proper section. We cannot read each and every post made on MERB so some do slip through. If you happen to see such a post, simply click on the report post icon at the bottom left corner of every post and we will receive a notification and will take the required action.


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    Hey MOD 8,

    What's going on with those people asking about the whereabout of a SP that does not seem to have been on recently. In her review thread ??

    And there's a lot of these once in a while I do believe its all right but when it's happening many time a way it is another story in my own opinion...

    Et je l'écoute (Joël Bouchard) toujours jusqu'à la fin de son laïus parce que je suis convaincu qu'un jour, il va terminer en nous offrant des voitures usagées à des prix INCROYABLES!

    -Ronald King

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    Such posts do not belong in a review thread. If you see one, use the report function and we will remove it. Questions that are not related to a review belong in 411. Questions regarding whether an SP is still working or not can and should be directed to the agency concerned, either by PM or email or just call them up and ask.

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