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    Chris Cuomo Fired By CNN

    I agree with just about everything that has been said in this thread: about CNN and cable news being generally not about news, about the Chris C. should have known better, his gov brother being ultimately an jerk with women...etc. However, I still enjoyed watching Chris C as i found him to be...
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    How much do you spend on hobby every year?

    too much, or not enough, depending on how you look at it...
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    "Merb members are more difficult or demanding"

    ^^ i agree you can get a sense of an indy from their different forms of advertizing. This board is a lot more useful for agency and mps girls. there are a lot more of them and are not so clearly advertized.
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    "Merb members are more difficult or demanding"

    ive never given my handle, but after a couple of meetings with a provider, (and if i am developping a certain rapport) i have mentionned merb in some contexts, which by default reveals that i am member. Sometimes I wait a week or two to wait to review to obfuscate my identity (probably does not...
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    "Merb members are more difficult or demanding"

    Over the last couple of years i have heard quite a few times from the girls that a lot of merb members tend to be more demanding or just generally more 'difficult' customers. They try to use the fact that they are members here to extract better service or lesser price or they want wall to...
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    SPs in yoga pants / workout outfits

    all i know is i often see young ladies wearing skin-tight tights in the city and it feeds this fantasy
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    What is your favorite comfort food?

    pizza or burger and fries...hmmm i'm getting hungry
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    Hélène Boudreau

    bmo closed her account??? thats weird
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    What day of the week are you the horniest?

    the days of the week that end in 'day'
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    speculation on the us canada border

    i have a question, sorry if its already been answered. As a US citizen, do you have to present a negative covid test upon returning home by land border?
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    Why does it seem that religion and sexual liberalism are diametrically opposed?

    religions are about strict collectivism at the expense of individualism for the potential reward of a better afterlife. A fullfilling sex life with multiple partners (individualistic pursuit) does not fit in well with strict collectivism.
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    Sugar daddy

    lol, one partner allowing 'time off' so the other partner can fuck around is not the definition of a relationship to most people, unless an explicitely open marriage....
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    Sugar daddy

    i assume your wife does not know about this arrangement? how do you swing 2-3 hour appts without her wondering where you are? I have a hard time with 30 min appts
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    Ron Jeremy WTF Man?.....he has to go out and rape 3 women

    what is wrong with men?? every week, no every day I hear about men being dicks or sexual criminals...and it just does not stop
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    Keith (77 yo) will probably outlive all the of the remaining stones...lol Losing one of the original stones actually hurts...Their endurance was inspirational