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    Board/Moderation comitee

    The Rule of What? (Sorry to keep this thread side-tracked, but the other one appears to have been deleted. You've been doing a good job Mod2, unlike the regime which prevailed before you started.) I have to admit that when I first saw the text of the famous PM from SL, my immediate thought...
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    Does the SP, MP world have concret links to the biker gangs and the Mafia?

    I guess that which is deemed to be a matter of connaissance judiciaire isn't necessarily universally shared or understood. From The Gazette of January 13, 2003: Criminal connections pervade trade: police SEAN GORDON and DON MACDONALD The Gazette Monday, January 13, 2003...
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    Any place to watch U.S. football in Montreal?

    For the next time .... You either did/could not understand the instructions, or got lost, because you likely were directed to the Cage situated at 1437 Rene Levesque West. It's only about 5 blocks from the Bell Centre. I was there on Labour Day weekend to watch the Canada/Russia World Cup...
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    New Montreal Restaurant Thread

    Footnote Further note to the Joe Schwarcz article. I saw on the CBC awhile ago that nitrosamines (carcinogen) can be created by the interaction of nitrites with beer. The report was talking about sausages, but is equally applicable to smoked meat. So, will there now be a new special at The...
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    Montreal Cultists Featured Nude in Playboy

    My brush with ...? A number of years ago, while at the Montreal courthouse, I found myself standing near Rael and some of his associates. They stood out somewhat, because Rael was dressed in an all-white quasi-uniform. I believe they were involved in a defamation action they had initiated when...
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    Cover story, not cover charge.
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    If I recall correctly from discussion prior to the first party at a SC that the cover was going to be to ask about the meeting of the "Montreal Economic Resources Board":)
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    seeking some summer-ending fun...

    I believe that Merbite "Zaphyr" is based in the Townships during the school year, if your budget can handle her rates.
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    Playboy's "Women of the Olympics"

    Real scandal? I'm still trying to figure out why is it that the little blue cow was competing against men in the weightlifting and hurdles. :D
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    Playboy's "Women of the Olympics"

    There was a small picture in yesterday's Gazette of the Canadian women's softball team, apparently cheering on the Olympic baseball team. It was interesting because they weren't wearing their usual uniforms. Has anyone else seen this photo on the Web? I believe it was a Canadian Press photo.
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    Question about "Show Printable Version"

    I gave up long ago on the "Printable version" option for the same reason that it was impossible to get beyond the first 18 posts. I believe 18 posts per page view is the default setting on the User Options page, and the highest number of posts per page you can set is 40. The problem is likely...
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    United States Installing 5 airbases at Canadian border

    Diverse talents I like a lot of the films in which he acted. Didn't know he was doing documentaries now, but I guess there wasn't a lot to do after he lost the Bond role. Maybe he can do a dramatization of "Roger and Me". :D
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    United States Installing 5 airbases at Canadian border

    A provision of the Criminal Code, now rarely used against deadbeat alimentary support debtors, is the offence of "failing to provide the necessaries of life". At best, it was only a pressure tactic, as would be citation for contempt of court. Provincial governments now being involved in the...
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    sexy car wash

    There was a thread about them a few months ago: Topless diner?
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    MERBites and the Law

    If you were following the thread on the Quebec City cases, you would recall that the charges there were not for what would be the Canadian equivalent of statutory rape. They were for hiring an underaged prostitute, or more precisely where one "... obtains for consideration, or communicates with...
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