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    Rip wop

    Saw the announcement yesterday. Sorry to see Valerie and WOP ride off into the sunset.
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    SP Friendly List

    Confirmed it myself. Yes a card access system.
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    SP Friendly List

    Note that you had the W listed as less friendly for incall. Just wondering if they use a card access system that also makes it more awkward for outcall?
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    Canada's Wonders

    OK, I just voted for the bagel however I agree with Techman, the women of Montreal deserved the nomination. Anyone that has walked down St. Catherine Street on a summer day can attest to that.
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    Stuck in Laval and ordering in?

    Thanks, I can live with a travel charge and I will be there during the week.
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    Stuck in Laval and ordering in?

    Do the well reviewed agencies such as Eleganza, Devilish, Asservissante etc. have any problem providing service to the Laval area? During my next trip to the area I will be stuck out there, likely at the Sheraton at 2440, Autoroute des Laurentides or Hilton at 2225, Autoroute des Laurentides.
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    There is an in-call just over the downtown bridge on the Dartmouth side. Been in business for many years. Located off the bridge from Halifax behind the Holiday Inn. It is in a small white house you go in and they bring down the available talent and you pick one. You can call ahead for...
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    4 more years of Bush, OMG.

    My 2 cents. The Democrats really seem to have lost touch with the people. Despite what personal views I may have on the subject, a gay marriage platform does not appeal to voters in middle America. To all of those Canadians who hoped that Kerry would prevail because it would be better for...
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    Anyone watch CSI Miami crazy SP related episode....

    It is a current show that visits various police departments. The episode date was October 16, 2004.
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    Viagra before a date?

    Thanks, I might give it a shot.
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    Viagra before a date?

    Really. Do you get a bill with a doctor's name like a pharmacy provides?
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    Viagra before a date?

    Viagra Cost These guys: are asking C$189 for 10-100 mg pills.Can anyone tell me what the cost would be if I got a prescription from my doctor and went to a Costco or Shoppers Drug Mart for the same thing? Anyone have any experience running...
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    Anyone watch CSI Miami crazy SP related episode....

    In the lead up to the big scene where the girls were freed it was indicated that the temperature would go up to 120 F etc etc. Presumably the guy running the spa/slave ring left them there to die. Why? Can't see just the spa guy and the bar guy running a business that size. Wouldn't you think...
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    St. John's, Newfoundland

    Well the bar scene on George Street is pretty good. If you have a bit of game and are "from away" there should be no need to sleep alone. As to pay for play I recall there that is a massage parlor on the walk between the Fairmont and George Street but did not check it out.