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    Exactly rreal lockdowns work like what happened in Australia. The question is are people ready for that when you see that they complain abour wearing masks ans washig their hands. Plus is the government willing to do it knowing that unpopular politic would costing him the next election.
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    Do you repeat with an SP?

    When i was living in Quebec, I did repeat with an indy for 5 or 6 times and it was getting better and better with time. It's a rare thing when you find a real chemistry and a strong attraction to an other person so I don't see why not, you can always go see other people.
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    How well do you remember your experiences?

    I don't remember all the orgasms I had with the girls I mer, just a very few. I don't mind that all, it's not the only thing I'm looking for when I go meet an SP.
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    What threesomes you always wanted to try? W/ which girls specifically?

    I've never experienced a threesome. If I ever do that, I think I'll go for two blondes girls. Now that's a little bit generic since I've never thought about do in it since it's not my biggest fantasy. Maybe some day.
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    First SP you ever met?

    My first SP that I met in Montreal was Sophie Beauregard. What a nice babe, I saw just a few months before she moved to BC. Always regretted not seeing her again.
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    I just saw today in the subway's tv news that seven people who've been vaccinated in Quebec in a long-term care home have contracted the virus. I think I'm gonna get depressed very soon.
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    First SP you ever met?

    My first time with an Sp was in 2013 back when I was living in Quebec city. A nice indy girl that I don't remember the name. My first visit to her was just for a blowjob and I liked it. Saw her 2 times after that and decided to look for something else.
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    Enforcement 14 day quarantine?

    I was missleaded. So there is still 14-day quarantine even if the person is negative which is a good thing as you said. The question is, if someone is positive what would happen. If they can't return back until they got a negative result who will pay for those extra days abroad?
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    Enforcement 14 day quarantine?

    That's another topic whether is the test accurate or what is it's real value. Still that's the only way we have to determine if a person carry the virus or not. Should the government cancel the 14-day quarantine by relying on the test, I agree with you that's not the best option but what else...
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    Covid and SP

    I've seen jus one girl this year and yes it's mainly due to covid. I'm already a kinda stressed paranoid person and don't need more.
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    Enforcement 14 day quarantine?

    Is it still mandatory to stay 4 days at home even if the test is negative? I would be very surprise by this. They are probably asking for a test 3 days before to get the result in time.
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    Enforcement 14 day quarantine?

    I have heard stories from some friends of mine receiving calls after they get back to Canada to ensure that they are respecting the isolation. If I were you I'll be carefull especially now with the government trying to show people they are doing something and setting the example by giving big...
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    For those travelling just for the holidays, hey should isolate themselves because if they are caught, then it's too late to cry. I heard of someone getting a 17000$ fine back in october because he didn' t respect the 2 weeks isolation.
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    Some people I know (in Montreal) figured out that it would cheaper to get the whole family together and go on a trip to Mexico than to pay the fine that the government has applied. This is not an isolated case.
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    The importance of kissing...

    If I start to have these kind of questions in my head, that means I don't trust the girl's hygiene and therefore I can't go with the meeting.