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    Erotic haircuts

    Do not think any exist at this time
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    WINNERS in the MP, SP, and SW trades.

    Could it be............... The reason you will find a lot of nurses in the SP proffesion is the Florence Nightingale syndrome where they get a sense of importance in life when they take care of people ( whether it be nursing them back to health or taking care of their sexual needs) The other...
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    Gauging interest in a SW patrol.

    SP patrol group ready. SP patrol group is ready for patrolers to post their observations of SW sightings. Please go to www.tinyurl.com/2Z4xa
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    Gauging interest in a SW patrol.

    I am gauging interest in an SW patrol. I occasionaly go out and patrol the streets and see what is available on the SP scene. For example, this afternoon I went on a 45 minute patrol on Ontario street. What I saw was 4 SWs (3 of which were very low quality and dirty looking) The only one that I...
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