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    The vaccine passport (QR code), a new debate.

    Yellow fever vaccine is compulsory in quiet a few countries. There are a few others depending the country. Why not Covid ? it's dangerous,, esily transmitted and hard to treat in the accute form.
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    Thoughts on fake tits vs. penis extensions?

    does it come with the speed car ? in case of a really small penis that's is causing a mental trauma, why not ? Now, I am not for showing penises around like I like a displayed tits. Men are more fragile than women on the ego side. No man will boost a dick job.
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    What makes it a memorable encounter?

    What makes it a memorable encounter? laugh and fun. Good conversation too and the obvious, of course
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    favorite current tv series...

    Killing bites. It's bad but I cannot stop
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    I am officially a dirty old man

    Don't say it like it is a bad thing
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    Rent a friend (male or female) for 25$/h

    Why not ? I wouldn't rent one but being rented ?
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    Seduction : Experience or delusion ?

    Sorry if I reopened some painful memories. I could only site Jacques Brel
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    Seduction : Experience or delusion ?

    time will tell
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    Seduction : Experience or delusion ?

    As nearly all interactions between human being include seduction, meeting a courtisane should too. Being seduced and to seduce make the event a whole lot more agreeable. I love a good, funny, sensual , sexual meeting. In this order. Maybe it's because bodies get old or maybe it's because mind does.