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  1. sene5hos

    The Trump Crime Family

    Donald Trump folks held an event in Utah which had less than 10% of the audience show up, proving that his people are growing border and disenchanted. Imagine preparing for 10k and only getting 500? Humiliating, Seeing as Trump is such a failure it stands to reason his rally would be also...
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    Brazil, Bolsonaro vs covid-19 Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic amounted to mass murder, genocide, and charlatanism, according to a Brazilian senate committee. Earlier this year, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro mocked the claim...
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    Saskatchewan vs COVID In a tweet Friday night, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair stated the armed forces are on their way to the province to provide the necessary support to fight the pandemic. Blair added...
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    Saskatchewan vs COVID Premier Scott Moe offered his apology in a one-on-one interview with CTV News. "I apologize to them with respect to the fact we have had to slow these services to...
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    "Merb members are more difficult or demanding"

    Over the past two years, with covid, it has changed our habits and our ways of acting. I understand a guy who wants for his investment, otherwise you stay in front of your computer and you masturbate. There were fewer candidates, and those who remained were perhaps more demanding, I do not...
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    The Trump Crime Family

    Donald Trump attempts to hide potentially incrim!nating documents from congress. This is why he wanted to stay in Office to stop all criminal actions against him to be withheld from him as long he was in office he was above the law and now he wants the same rights as a normal citizen.
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    Right wing media personality Dennis Prager announces he has COVID and is happy about it, and announces he's also taking five medications as a result. I don't think you can say you're relying on your natural immunity if you're on a cocktail of at least 5 different medications. if he thinks...
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    The Trump Crime Family

    Donald Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, is hacked within hours of its announcement. The way to prevent hax is to immerse the server in Clorox. It's not called hacking when you give the Russians the password. I wouldn't exactly call that hacked, but it certainly doesn't bode...
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    Coronavirus Because coronavirus: Putin backs keeping workers at home as Covid deaths soar. Russian workplaces to shut down from October 30 amid rising case numbers and deaths. The last week an average of 1000 deaths per day was observed.
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    Yes Gaby, on the other hand or by chance, it's not all those who are more than 55 years old who will vote for Coderre.
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    Update: Yesterday in USA + 86 k new cases. 3112 dead
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    The Trump Crime Family

    Former U.S. President Donald Trump will launch his own social media app, TRUTH Social, that he said would 'stand up to Big Tech' companies such as Twitter and Facebook that have barred him from their platforms. That way he'll be able to continue lying. And keep taking money out of your pockets.
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    COVID's vaccine, by whom, when, effective? all around the vaccine NEW DELHI, Oct 21 (Reuters) - India celebrated the milestone of administering 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses on Thursday, with the government promoting the achievement in song and...
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    Coronavirus British and international authorities are closely monitoring a subtype of the Delta variant that is causing a growing number of infections in the United Kingdom. This descendant...
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    The Trump Crime Family

    Donald Trump is worried right now as two of his top allies are tagged with federal charges for work they did with Trump. This shows the walls closing in on him. I really hope this means the doors are closing in on Trump. Very happy to see Bannon indicted. He’s so sleazy.
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    The Trump Crime Family

    Donald Trump is under examination yet again for tax evasion at one of his golf courses where he lied to lower his tax bill. This is ruining the course and his only hobby. I am so tired of hearing about these D.A.'s looking into Trump's Crimes. I want to see accountability. I want to see him...
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    COVID's vaccine, by whom, when, effective? all around the vaccine

    No, I am not attacking the unvaccinated, I am reporting the facts I read this morning. 1 + 1 = 2
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    COVID's vaccine, by whom, when, effective? all around the vaccine Doubly vaccinated and in good shape at 73, contaminated to death by his anti-vaccine heat pump salesman. A healthy 73-year-old man died in just days from COVID after a visit from an unvaccinated heating...
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    Maxime Bernier Even if Maxime Bernier had been elected, he would not have been able to sit in the House of Commons. Because Maxime Bernier, has chosen not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.