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  1. LiliFrancoeur

    Lili Francoeur - A genuine experience - Nouveautés

    Semaine du 27 septembre Vendredi : 20h - ... (social) Samedi : 12h - ...
  2. LiliFrancoeur

    Thank you Velvet_Tongue ☺ Hugs!

    Thank you Velvet_Tongue ☺ Hugs!
  3. LiliFrancoeur

    My messy hair and I am about to get cute for you tonight

  4. LiliFrancoeur

    OnlyFans to Ban Sexually Explicit Content

    You are totally right! They need the sexworkers and they also had lots of medias against them. It's not good for business when everyone says that you've been using a marginal group for so long and that you get ride of them after they made your reputation!
  5. LiliFrancoeur

    Let's do bad things

    The weekend is almost over, we can be bad again this week.
  6. LiliFrancoeur

    Have an horny day

    Ready for the brunch
  7. LiliFrancoeur

    Lili Francoeur - A genuine experience - Nouveautés

    LILI FRANCOEUR - HAIRY STUDENT I'm Lili Francoeur an independant courtesane based in Montreal. I consider myself being an outgoing introvert. I am a good listener and I am comfortable sharing my true self. Those are the main ingredients I use to create genuine moments that we will both...
  8. LiliFrancoeur

    Ashley Sweet - New indy - Affectuous - Safe gfe

    ASHLEY SWEET - NOUVELLE COUTISANE INDÉPENDANTE I'm Ashley Sweet, an independant escort and an Indy companion. I study art and I am 25 years old. Affection is my thing, I like to give and receive and I love to laugh, but I'll prefer to make you laugh. I'm open-mind. sex enthousiastic and I...