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    "Merb members are more difficult or demanding"

    Over the last couple of years i have heard quite a few times from the girls that a lot of merb members tend to be more demanding or just generally more 'difficult' customers. They try to use the fact that they are members here to extract better service or lesser price or they want wall to...
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    posted age vs actual age conversion chart

    Surely this has been done before, but cannot find anything. Either way, can't hurt for newbies ok, we all know that posted ages are a little misleading, but sometimes they are downright farcical. I came up with this little conversion chart for newbies not to be fooled by what is posted...
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    Enforcement 14 day quarantine?

    just came back from a short stay just across the border in New York State and now have to quarantine for 14 days....i know i have not caught it from my trip as i came into contact with no one, so quarantine is silly for me, although I am doing it. Wondering about enforcement, anybody have...
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    bug when logging in on Chrome in Incognito mode

    I get this often when clicking on the little key to log in. happens on multiple pcs
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    ''F**king bitch''

    this speech from AOC is very good https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/aoc-ted-yoho-bitch-speech_n_5f19d838c5b6296fbf3f7b6d?ri18n=true She is a very tarlented and brilliant young politician in the US. Would not be surprised if she becomes president in 10-15 years. And since this is merb...
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    picts in member ads sometimes dont display properly?

    seems to happen a lot these days, but sometimes pics in the ads dont work. case in point Sexy Judys nude selfie. when i click the link i get a <you dont have the permissions to view this ....> is it just me?
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    Would starting this thread be a good idea?

    Reading all the abolitionist bullshit about our hobby really drives me crazy. Because of the social stigma, very few people want to defend publicly sex work as legitimate. More frustrating are those abolitionist who pretend to be speaking in best interest of the women who willingly and very...
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    face sitting

    just a little question about face sitting. I love 69. I mean, I really love it. But I can't say a girl ever really 'sat on my face'. Is there a real difference? Are there any face sitting aficionados here? How does it work? Does the girl 'just sit there'? Should she be expected to grind...
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    Time to reboot my brain

    i went from cuming to fast to cuming to slow to not coming at all. of my last 7 or 8 encounters (all with beautiful amazing ladies), I think i finished only once. Porn is the reason. I can still get hard and finish with porn, but i cant with a real person. It is mind boggling that i can be...
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    want to start a website - any advice?

    I am thinking of starting a website and am looking for general advice. I have done extensive C++ programming and generally pretty good with computers but basically dont know much about setting up a basic website. Did a bit of quick research and godaddy.com looks easy to use get up and...
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    smelly pussy

    dont think i have ever seen a thread on this exactely so here goes i recently had an encounter with an attrctive lady. It was going well a the beginning, she started going down on me, then started the spin'o'rama to present her pussy for 69. I love that when the provider offers or just goes...
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    definition 'GND' , does not mean beautiful

    I often see posts where someone seems to use Girl Next Door as a synonym for beautiful. I always thought that to be wrong so i looked it up to be sure. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=girl%20next%20door%20face Basically, GND refers to a girl being cute but not beautiful...
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    I wish independants would post their approximate location

    something that has been bugging me for a long time is how most of the ads from providers give no idea of where they receive. Some of the more experienced providers do, but is still generally rare. I also know a lot of providers get annoyed at a lot of questions via texts. Well that is an...
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    zero tolerance policy at mexican border

    I cannot believe what the US has become... this really saddens me on many levels. First and foremost of course for the kids who believe they are being taken away from their parents... then for the parents, then for our society as a whole... I understand defending a border, but you cannot...
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    using lube

    been doing this for a long time, and I am still evolving.... For a long time, the thing i sought the most for a best experience is dfk... But now it is something else, natural lubrication. I understand the use of lube, but now when the provider reaches directly for the tube of lube...
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    Am I the only one strongly disliking the collagen lips?

    I have always been a big fan of enhanced breasts, and the bigger the better...:-) but i certainly do not feel the same way about lip injections. I have yet to see a case where i find it appealing. Not fun to kiss either. I could understand if someone has unusually thin lips and they use...
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    How do you feel about MPs girl presentations?

    I feel awkward asking for a presentation of the girls...I always imagine the girl that never gets picked, and I can't get past that. Some of you will say, well maybe she should not do the work then...but still. Then I think the one that always gets picked will probably give you the least...
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    why are all the agencies in griffintown??

    it seems like every other agency is in griffintown these days...not to mention the amount of independents there. maybe it should be called the new red light district of montreal. I guess the reason is simple, a lot of new high quality empty locations + discretion. The problem is getting there...
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    What would you have done??

    I scouted a prospective independent early this morning (I know she is real), and went to meet her at the Chablis (around 10 am). I have been there so many times without any problems. This morning I parked on Louis-Veuillot near Sherbrooke as I always do (dont want to park in the parking lot)...
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    has anyone ever tried a 'pre-meeting'??

    I have had a lot of doors slammed in my face lately...you never know what you are going to get until you get to the location and meet the sp. Even if there are reviews and you examine the pictures carefully, there are still surprises when you arrive. I have been doing this for a good while...