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    Big Orgy

    I've been to several sex parties in London and New York, but never in Montreal. The Phoenix Club in London organizes regular parties almost daily with at least six women and up to two or three times the number of men. I've been many times and have always enjoyed myself. The best parties are put...
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    The work of sex work

    This is a book that could inform the Bill C-36 debate: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n13/katrina-forrester/blame-it-on-the-management 'This is the central argument of Melissa Gira Grant’s book Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work. Sex workers exist. So do the many victims of human (including...
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    The Official GFE of the Year for 2013 - Nomination thread

    1. Lizbeth @ Wildtime 2. Byanka @ Delight 3. Kira @ MTLGFE
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    The problem with sex work isn’t sex, but work

    'The public shaming of sex workers is a global phenomenon and too much of the media is complicit. The moral crusade against the sex trade, whether it is pursued by the police or by high-profile feminists who have never done sex work, serves the same function that it has always served. The...