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    Creating a new sub section for escort scam/waste of time

    With Humpchies and Annonceintime merging with Leolist, there is a surge of scams or waste of time posted in the review section. I find these type of reviews are useful but only in way to alert the members. There is no substance aside from staying away from them. I am not referring to review...
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    What does hobbying look like with a budget of 5k | 10k | 20k per month

    I would love to know what jobs doesn't need schooling or training that pays 120k in Montreal.
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    What does hobbying look like with a budget of 5k | 10k | 20k per month

    I don't think it makes that much of a difference in terms of hobbying. You can stay with your favorite escort longer, travel to other parts of the world more. Other than that not much would change aside from fulfilling some of your fantasies. What I think is that you might want a new hobby to...
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    Still Need Help? Post Your Questions Here!

    Is there a night mode for this forum layout? Browsing at night is glaring with all the white background.
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    Search thread function

    I did not know that. Thanks!
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    Search thread function

    I can't seem to find the search thread function anymore. It is very usueful for thread that is 100+ pages long.
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    Best Ass 2014

    So here goes, who has the most fantastic ass at the moment in the sp industry? Please provide name and if possible, link to the sp. My pick is Olivia (Indy) for now. That booty is just out of this world Any other potential to rival her? It doesn't need to be big or plump, if the size give...
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    Complaint - Nadya's VIP - About bad Booking experience

    for those type of situation, would it be better to tell the provider first hand? I don't know if you guys have done that already but it's good to let them know so they will pay more attention. For Nadya's I think it's better if you just go to the incall locations to limit her transportation problem
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    Hard to find any summer job

    I am surprised the thread got any reply but I only used the money I made myself for hobby and I don't do it a lot. I will try my best to find anything that I can do, thank you for your replies! If anyone knows where I can find one, let me know ;)
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    Hard to find any summer job

    For the majority of you already have a steady jobs with good pay but in my situation I still need to find a summer job since I am still studying. I notice this year is pretty hard to get any jobs as I applied at almost 50 positions and none of them called back. If any of you guys have the same...
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    something that might end escort?

    i was browsing through the web and there is this revolutionary product called real touch, it simulate the whole sex experience of a video to a device. I wonder if anyone here have purchased that product and the effectiveness of it. It cost around 200$ so it's like 1 visit to an escort. there...