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  1. Skym

    Have you ever used/sent a Deposit for/to a SP?

    One time I sent a deposit for Raphaelle Bardot to book a session with her.
  2. Skym

    Hairy pussy....yay or nay?

    I don't see a poll option that I can make, trust me I want to. Unless mods can add it somehow
  3. Skym

    Hairy pussy....yay or nay?

    Simple question, Hairy Pussy...yay or nay? You like it? Or you don't? For me, it's a big NO. So...Nay!
  4. Skym

    Do you grunt or make a noise when you bust your nut? Lol

    Well? Lol
  5. Skym

    Your favorite bar in Montreal?

    I'm starting to like going to Le Warehouse. They got a happy hour called Power Hour that goes on from 2 to 5pm everyday which is cool.
  6. Skym

    Do you remember the first ass you ate? Lol

    Do you remember the first ass you ate?
  7. Skym

    Best Montreal pizza

    What about best pizza for downtown tho?
  8. Skym

    What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten ? Liked or Disliked ?

    When I was in Iceland in 2012, I ate whale meat.
  9. Skym

    Bringing your own towels & mouth wash to incall or MP

    Incalls are already provide that. So no I don't bring my own towel & mouth wash.
  10. Skym

    Do you like Asian SPs?

    I'm sorta tempted to book all of XO's Asian girls all at once to have an Asian orgy lol. Me surrounded by a bunch of Asian girls all trying to suck me off all at once. That would be like paradise for me lol. Omg
  11. Skym

    Your wish list of sp's you would like to see re-appear on the scene

    Sasha at Euphoria is also another gem I miss She was short and compact with her hotness. Her body reminded me of Priscilla XO...
  12. Skym

    Is language a barrier of some sorts for you guys?

    Not for me. I know enough French to get by with someone like Elie at Euphoria, who doesn't really speak English and been seeing her for 2 years. Communication was good enough.
  13. Skym

    What special requests do you ask for to SPs

    Not much, I usually just request for black lingerie or do roleplay.
  14. Skym

    Whats your favourite way to finish aka SOG

    Definitely in the mouth
  15. Skym

    Is it better with your atf or with a new girl

    It's always better with an ATF. I currently have only one ATF left that's active and when she leaves, I'll be heartbroken because all my other ATFs are retired. With ATFs, you'll always have that shared long history, beautiful memories and chemistry which is hard to come by sometimes.
  16. Skym

    best bar / bars in montreal to view hot attractive young girls over 21 years and older

    Anyone here been to foufounes electrique? I was there recently and every time I go there, I always get the sense that every chick there wants to hook up with someone in a band because apparently that's like the coolest thing ever
  17. Skym

    How many escorts of you slept with?

    None, with the insane rates some escorts are offering for an overnight sleepover is just nuts. These girls seem to think we"re all Jeff Bezos rich. It's a total moneygrab, imo.
  18. Skym

    How often do you book multiple hour sessions with a SP?

    Or do you prefer a standard 1 hr session? For me, I usually go with a 1hr session but I wouldn't mind going for a multiple hour session if I really liked a certain SP. However, the main reason I don't go for a multiple hour session is simply because it's more expensive. Also, once I bust my...
  19. Skym

    Who's the most talkative SP and least talkative SP you ever met?

    For me, the most talkative SP I ever met was Kylie at Euphoria. That little Blondie can go on and on. She could be a talk show host lol. She has pleasant youthful energy. Also, honorable mention to Priscilla, formerly at XO. That girl is like an Energizer bunny and talks a lot, lol Not that...