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    Breaking news: Court tosses prostitution laws' provisions
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    Montreal's own Tiffany Preston

    Just discovered that my favourite pornstar Tiffany Preston hails from Montreal, where she apparently grew up. She claims to have a French accent. Anybody know if she was formerly an SP or a stripper?
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    Do public wifi hotspots offer anonymous surfing?

    The proliferation of wifi hotspot locations may open up new possibilities for anonymous web surfing and mailing. All email and webmail (hotmail, gmail, etc) messages and web forum posts reveal the IP address associated with the WAN connection through which the message is sent. It appears that...
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    Rolling Stones show last night

    Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul and faith Wooo Wooo, Wooo Wooo, (18k fans screaming lungfuls of THC-rich breath into the atmosphere) Sympathy for the Devil was their best song last...
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    No sex, eh? Must be a Canadian

    MISTY HARRIS CanWest News Service Tuesday, September 27, 2005 A global Sonar survey made public yesterday reports 36 per cent of Canadians agree with the statement that sex is overrated, the highest of any country polled. From the bedroom to the boardroom, Canadian relationships...
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    Celebrating prostitutes in song, litterature and art

    Prostitutes and sex workers in general have long been celebrated in music and litterature. As a tribute of sorts to all the lovely ladies that make our dreams come true, let's try to compile here the works that best portray them. I'll start with the low-hanging fruit... By Sting/The...
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    Yikes! -- Breast Implant Complications

    Surgeon General's Warning: Do not view this link before breakfast! As a steadfast partisan of natural breasts in all sizes, shapes and forms, I thought I'd post this public service announcement for the ladies that may be...
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    Turning the tables: when SPs review johns

    Guys and gals, Don`t miss Annalee`s review of Spartacus, here: I believe we have just witnessed a significant cultural event that portends to interesting future developments in this biz/hobby. I have in the past read statements by SPs...
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    Are TERBites a unique sub-species?

    I was browsing TERB yesterday and was struck by the number of posters who have accumulated literally thousands of posts. My guestimate: - At least three dozen posters over the 1,000 mark - A dozen over the 5,000 mark - A half-dozen with over 10,000 posts. That's right: 10 000 posts, that...
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    Do the mods delete threads on a SP's request???

    A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the thread on an independant SP who called herself <**name removed**> had disappeared from the incall section of the board. As I recall, this thread had 3 reviews in it: the first one by the initiator of the thread was quite positive, the second review by myself...
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    What is a 5? What is a 3? Or the need for a common rating scale

    I just read a review where a member gave an informative account of a date, specifying the SP`s restrictions, menu and extras, and then proceeded to give her very good marks that, in my book, were not proportional to the services received or the attitude encountered. I don`t want to pick on this...
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    Government Advisory Council Recommends Decriminalization

    The Conseil permanent de la jeunesse, a Quebec government advisory body, yesterdeay called for the decriminalization of prostitution, or more precisely of the anti-sollicitation section in the Canadian criminal code. "Le CPJ réclame la fin de la répression de l’exercice de la prostitution...
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    At last: a school of prostitution

    From an interview in Arts and Opinion, winter 2004: "I’m part of a political organization which consists of 20, mostly university educated prostitutes. We already have several million dollars put away; our target is 8 million which we’ll hit by the middle or 3rd quarter of next year. Part of...
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    Best lies you've been told by an SP

    I just had great fun reading this excerpt from one of Vladimir's posts and thought it was worth a "best of..." Here is the quote: You could probably hear things like: "Ah! Your penis feels so good inside me (lie)" or "doggy please (true)" or "I love my boyfriend but I it is so exiting to...
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    Are SPs/agencies appreciated on this board?

    In a few recent threads, I noticed some comments such as this one: "...this place has become a forum for SP and agencies to promote and invade our discussion...". On the other hand, I noticed that when an SP or an agency operator joins a thread, she usually generates a lot of interest/responses...
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