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    Death in Laval

    You remember the two guys ....two years ago I believe... who jumped to their death!!! Well, the taxi driver was found.....according to Claude Poirier!.....He would have committed suicide!!!!
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    Any of you ever connected with the ladies posting on that site?:cool:
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    Murder at the Chablis...St-Jacques

    Death at the Chablis.... Any member there tonight! Firefighter called.....suspicious death! Woman 37 years SP?
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    Bad dates on website

    The Toronto Star, August 2, 2005 For your info. "Prostitutes identify `bad dates' on website Site tracks violent clients In some cases, pictures posted DEBRA BLACK STAFF REPORTER Wendy Babcock became a prostitute when she was 15 years old. She left the business about two years ago...
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    The Greatest American

    Who is he/she? I would start with Jessee Ventura, Jerry Springer....who else..GW Bush....Don Cherry (we had American residents on the Canadian list!)....Who else..Linda Lovelace (was it her name?)..
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    No report request

    Members, How many times, recently, have you met with an sp requesting to refrain from reporting on any board. In the last two or three months, four out of five sps I met (high end Indy I must confess) just don't want to be reviewed on any board. Any similar experience.
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    We still cannot edit our options. We get a blank page!!!! It might be time to fix the matter! It has been like this for quite a while now! Lawless
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    SP and Tax Returns

    This is the season in Canada. Any idea on SP and their tax returns (if any). How do they describe the source of their income; what kind of deductions are they entitled to. Any SP willing to contribute and any accountant ready to venture advices? lawless
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    Fast Reply

    Thanks to the administrator for the new fast reply option as the one onTERB. lawless
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    PM Box

    To all of you. Please do not forget to empty your message box once in a while. Thanks lawless
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