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    False ads

    Salut les boyssss.... ca va ? est-ce juste moi ou il a de plus en plus de scam et de voleuse comprend pas ce qui arrive depuis plusieurs mois les filles veule pu du cash,,,,non mais elles croient tu que nous sommes con ? mais merde je rencontre pas car elle veule carte ou depot...
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    2 QT50 yamaha 2cl mini bikes

    I have two QT50 yamaha for sale,,,,i dont have time to ride them they both need a bit of love but run nicelly...i have a pic and asking 900 for both negociable...bit not if sold sepreatly....perfect little bike for downtown montreal or on the shore for some fun....1981 and 1985 bikes so plates...
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    why men wanna deal everything

    I recently booked for a pornstar experience and i was a bit surprised by the answer i got from a few girls. It seems that prices are higher then before and I do understand why . I also dont like regular escorts as i enjoy the beauty of indy's and there methode of working... yes they are more...
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    Escorts who love craft beer?

    now this is an awsome thread....i like it alot..wish there was a like button cause i would like all the above comments.....mmmmmm beer..i am not in knowing but i am in major fan section..i often make my boys only trips all over quebec to micro breweries all over....the one near alma lac st jean...
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    the price is not right !!!!

    Well this hobby has gotten to be a bit too pricy for me... i can understand why and I also know that its cheaper here then anywere else but 350 to 500$ for an hour !!!!! that to me just makes no sense at all. I get the girls want maybe classyer clients and thats how they avoid the lower class...
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    ...that sounds like me 20 years ago....needed to get that fixed.....look into that with a eurologue it could get worst but when fixed man its awsome.....look into that the monk .....
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    The Tragically Hip--new tour montreal feb 20th

    well just got 2....wanted 4 but could not.....still got my tickets but alreay seems to be sold out.....and btw i had no option for floor seats.....already reserved by ticketmaster or the hip themself.....that suks.......but hey i am goiing
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    The Tragically Hip--new tour montreal feb 20th

    well i am told they go on pre sell on the 9th..ill do that first if not happening ill let you know for nil n md....the reason i ask is simple,,,all bands and event coordonators have there vip tix ....the hardest thing to have to tix so i am asking thats all ,,,,,,,,and for your...
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    The Tragically Hip--new tour montreal feb 20th

    i am looking for tic for the hip show on feb 20th 2015,,,since i have been a fan for many many many years this time i want amazing seats....anyone got an inside ?
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    What is your most favorite famous phrase in a movie? Or TV series?

    Val Kilmer in Tombstone ---im your huckelburry
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    Official 2014 NHL Offseason Thread

    well ill be missing the amazing GG5 for a damn good reason----off to packer Green Bay Wisconsin at Lambeau ......go pack go......
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    looking to buy Vespa 1960-70-80

    a yamaha QT 50 is also very much appreciated......
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    looking to buy Vespa 1960-70-80

    anyone selling or getting rid of there Vespa scooter ? 60-70-80 era i am lookging for that....
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    have you ever meet up with an SP and you actually knew her ???

    oh thats to look at the mom after without thinking of that......i also just found out that one of the girls i am talking about her mom does the same daughter thats a plan for brazzers or not..........i am so debating right now if i call ...its not like were...
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    have you ever meet up with an SP and you actually knew her ???

    i came accross two ads recently and double checking my info i actually knew them personally ..i did not call them nor did i tell them i found out what they was weird but yet very exciting cause i alsways had a crush on for 180$ i could actually live the would...
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    whats wrong with CL

    to be honest i use CL for other reasons never used it for fun....because even when you use this CL for things like free stuff to give away get bombarded with scam at first i clicked being interested but man never never comes out that there real....all computer...
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    whats wrong with CL

    why are so many scammers on CL......i have not yet found one signe real girl on that site.......
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    James is awsome at GG

    omfg merlot you go way to far ..... a simple chat with james i had many and it never works out for me on timming issues..... all i am saying is thanks for your patience james and trying to help me.....i guess merlot your that type of client that always complains or needs to ALWAYS...
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    James is awsome at GG

    oh boy merlot and your certainly not the wine.....all i am saying is he is good at his job wtf dude !!!! this is not to get anything in return or to embalish GG........i am pointing out he is good at his job.......i havent even met a girl at GG cause timing nevers works out for me but this james...
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    James is awsome at GG

    Hello all ...i simply wanted people that James profesionalism and attitude are awsome.....i know its all about the girls but hey i mean it koodos to you James...great work...