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  1. Hanna

    Big reveal on my Onlyfans!

    I'm doing a big reveal on my fan page! Can you guess what it is? It's free to subscribe, and you'll have the chance to see the big news... -> <- free onlyfans [email protected] @hannarafaelmtl
  2. Hanna

    Christmas gifts

    I replied to you because you're the one who mentioned a gift card for "fine lingerie". Fine lingerie in my book refers to something high end. I was making a statement that few clients think about, it's not a real gift when you end up spending three or four times the amount of the gift card...
  3. Hanna

    Christmas gifts

    A 100$ gift card from Agent Provocateur where everything costs 400$ or more is not super appreciated. You either pay a whole set, or not at all. 100$ to Victoria Secret is more appropriate, if she shops there already.
  4. Hanna

    To all the SP/SW/SB/Porn Star - What sort of ideal clients you would like to see....?

    Someone on the previous page said he's sorry to bring up this taboo subject. But maybe we need to talk about this more? I don't know. It's true that there is no such thing in this business as "what men should know so we don't have to talk about it anymore". I hope that would be the reality. Let...
  5. Hanna

    Taking an sp's temperature

    I do have a forehead thermometer too that I use when my clients arrive. It's just a tool among other precautions we need to take.
  6. Hanna

    Thoughts about Onlyfans

    I agree, nobody is forced to pay so. Though, we should keep in mind that the higher prices mentioned above are effective during Covid-19, where the in-person offer is almost nonexistent. Ask 200$ for a 30 second video when the in-person market will reopen, it will probably fail. We shouldn't...
  7. Hanna

    Changes on MERB to lead us into our next 20 years

    My comment stands, they don't all want the same thing, some want acronyms or detailed services, some don't. The context of my sentence was only to explain why having to mention mandatory services (as does another review board) in order for the client to note his review as perfect is not helping...
  8. Hanna

    Changes on MERB to lead us into our next 20 years

    I second what Rose Delacourt is saying. I can only hope that the system doesn't require mandatory services in order to receive a "perfect" review. You probably know what I'm referring to. Services don't always matter to clients, they don't all want the same thing and are not always what makes an...
  9. Hanna


    @Meta Gérald Fillion vient de le confirmer à RDI. Merci! Première fois que je l'entend d'une source sûre.
  10. Hanna


    Where did you take the info about the 5000$? I read all the officials papers, especially the one on Revenu Canada, and see no mention of that. Only times I see a mention about "eligible if you did 5000$ in 2019" is someone that repeats it, on Twitter or else, and is never backed by official...
  11. Hanna


    Voici la liste de ce qui est considéré essentiel (au Québec).
  12. Hanna


    Here in Quebec they do the test if you have symptoms, you don't have to wait 12 days. The situation around testing is quite good and somewhat quick now.
  13. Hanna

    Preferred411 - Referral site questions

    They want to make sure we are 18, because we advertise and offer a particular service. They want to ensure majority, and that we are real and not a pimp, or a trafficker behind his computer.
  14. Hanna

    Preferred411 - Referral site questions

    You want to know if P411 is useful? Yes. Trustworthy? What is trust? After what happened to Backpage and Er*s, what can we do, really? P411 is a site that verifies the identity of the clients and the providers to ensure a basic screening, without the personal information being exchanged in...
  15. Hanna

    Hobby in his own town

    In 6 years of meeting clients regularly, it happened to me maybe 4 times to see a client in the street. Only one time, one was alone, he somehow let me know it was OK and we exchange a little hello. The other times, we acted like we didn't know each other, respecting my privacy and his, as expected.
  16. Hanna

    paying online without giving your identity?

    But not all websites accept prepaid credit card. Read their FAQ to know.
  17. Hanna

    I just read your Post

    It's not because he doesn't answer that he doesn't enjoy seeing her replies. Replying and showing your exhaustion is probably enough for him continue. I don't know if you said, Julia, that you reply or if he receives your answers? Ignoring is often the best thing to do. Il n'y a rien qui...
  18. Hanna

    Etiquette for asking SPs if you can review them

    Not literally. But in emails, some have a list. A specific one. As you say, an encounter has more chances to go great when we go with the flow and those with a list have more chances to be disappointed. We don't know each other yet, let's see first where our energy will lead us, and then...
  19. Hanna

    The Voices of Sex Workers: interviews, books, articles, blogs, etc.

    Plus, her numbers don't seem to match. It's the kind of interview I don't believe in. Seems a bit cliché and unrealistic to me. And, the mother thing...
  20. Hanna

    Infections vaginales c'est grave ?

    Les infections vaginales et vaginoses sont très courantes chez les femmes. Et cela n'a rien à voir avec une ITSS. Les infections vaginales sont un débalancement de la flore vaginale. On peut avoir une infection par un excès d'humidité, la piscine, les spa, un lubrifiant trop fort, certains...