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    Alcohol delivery in Montreal

    I would really like to buy a bottle of scotch, have it gift wrapped and delivered to an address in Montreal for a friend's birthday. I have read that SAQ does home delivery, but I dont think they do gift wrapping and the Scotch selection is not great. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting...
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    Where do you buy your lingerie

    This question is mostly aimed at the escorts who post on MERB, but is open to anyone to answer. I have been interested in gifting some nice lingerie and when I look at the regular websites, it all seems like the same old shit. I know Honey Birdette is a really hot brand and they have some...
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    Why does an escort move to massage?

    Over the years I have seen girls who have a substantial following as an escort - either at an agency or an indy or both - who move to working at a massage parlor and then back again. Currently Adriana with love who worked as an indy and at XO is working massage. Kendall at Euphoria (and other...
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    Trip Summary - Labor Day 2017

    Trip Summary Apparently, the moderators hate having trip summaries in the review section, so I am posting this here. I was in Montreal from Friday through Tuesday and had 6 sessions with 5 different ladies - Maie (XO), Angie (euphoria), Mila (Vogue), Emily (euphoria), and Julie (XO). The...
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    Repeat after mediocre review?

    Would you ever consider repeating with a provider after you wrote a mediocre review of your first session with her? I would never go back to any provider after a bad session regardless of whether or not I wrote a review. However, I have been with a few providers where the session was just...
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    I am wondering how others tip if they decide to do so. Virtually all of my sessions are outcall at an airbnb condo. I nearly always meet the girl downstairs and walk her up. Before she arrives, I always put the fee on the counter right next to where we will be opening a bottle of wine. I never...