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    I made a simple chart showing why we need the curfew, science deniers step aside!!!11!1!1!1!
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    The cologne thread

    I used to wear dior sauvage until a lady (sp) greeted me and instantly smiled and told me she liked sauvage and so on. I never wore it again haha. Kinda felt embarrassed, what's a good one that not everyone uses? Maybe you guys have some updated recommendation as this thread is quite old. I...
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    Montreal Escorts Official Best of year 2020!

    1. Best Agency SP 2020: [email protected] 2. Best Indy SP 2020: n/a 3. Best Rookie SP 2020: n/a 4. Best Agency 2020: XO Review proof:
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    BC CDC suggest glory holes

    If having sex and being next to each other for hours on end breathing the same air without masks and doing doggy and reverse cowgirl does NOT transmit COVID, then can we open businesses and have our lives back? No? You can't have it both ways... Glory hole sounds like a way to make you think you...
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    Is it wrong to go see an Escort high or drunk?

    I do dabs on outcalls but I never offer them to the lady because one simple dab can get you blazed out of your mind and very paranoid if you aren't experienced. The last thing I want is a paranoid escort... Sometimes I bring a bottle of jager with me so we can drink a bit between rounds on long...
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    Can't fuck pixels, I really don't get sexting.
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    Would the agencies close again, if we move to "code rouge"?

    Oh yeah, sure they will close down. They want to look responsible to the authorities. Everyone running around all paranoid make me laugh. They watch the shiny box and listen to Francois Legault's religious-like speech. ''Je crois qu'enssemble ont peux combattre cet ennemie et retourner a la...
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    The Trump Crime Family

    Enjoy The Collapse
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    Do SPs prefer older clients

    Well like I said I didn't make the post in a very negative way, I don't get bad encounters often... I love to talk and I do talk a lot too, especially between rounds I can get lost in a conversation and forget to go again lol. I do get a lot of SPs telling me I could get a girlfriend too but I...
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    Do SPs prefer older clients

    Now that you say that I remember a girl telling me that younger guys are sometimes mean. But I mean I think I'm real nice in general and I assumed they would hear about me being a regular of the agency. I guess that's why I have a much better time the 2nd time I book a girl than the first...
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    Do SPs prefer older clients

    So, I'm in my mid 20s and SPs sometimes appear a bit surprised when they see me. One time we hadn't even entered my Airbnb before she told me ''You're really young'' in an uncomfortable tone to which I laughed a bit played it cool. I guess it makes sense for them to ''prefer'' older clients as...
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    True or false: are you always “paying for it one way or another”?

    And just like I said in my previous post, people get very emotional on this topic. What a surprise! It just goes to show you should never ever discuss such a topic IRL and only with the anonymity of the internet. Have fun guys.
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    True or false: are you always “paying for it one way or another”?

    Instead of getting in the trenches and bringing up arguments against counter-arguments and having a tons of people disagreeing with the framing of the arguments saying ''women do it too'' or ''that's not true, there are exceptions'' Ask yourself, which is the most valuable? Men's sex, or...
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    What's your story for seeing an SP or being in this hobby?

    Haha that's a good question, I have no idea as it was in Europe and not Mtl. That was the plan, I wanted to get rid of it and move on with my life without someone knowing they ''popped my cherry''. I guess I didn't use my best wording when I said ''every guy pays for it one way or another''...
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    What's your story for seeing an SP or being in this hobby?

    Never had a GF, was a massive nerd until I got lucky and got an online business going making good money. Then girls magically started hitting me up, inevitably got real hurt as we all do... Started seeing SPs to break the mental block and to gain some confidence with the ladies (Lost virginity...