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    What does hobbying look like with a budget of 5k | 10k | 20k per month

    I am in my late 20s and I am gainfully employed for my age. I spend about 2000 per month on this hobby. Every year, I also do 2-3 vacation trips that combine regular tourist activity and sex. While on vacation, I try to cap my spending on the hobby to 1k per week. I am just curious about what...
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    Taking a plunge with the TS scene

    Stumbling on these 2 ”ladies” on twitter: TS Laurence Stella Bellucci Optic-wise, I think they are up there with some of my (female) ATFs. I only have 2-3 female ATFs at the moment and I feel like I can double that count only if I can get over the TS part mentally. I am feeling somewhat...