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Courtesan or Mistress??


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Aug 1, 2003
Northeast Corridor
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companion or Mistress??

From recent concerns about what information an SP might acquire from a client in intimate moments, I wonder if some clients are treating these women more as a mistress than a ``sure thing`` hot date.

Traditionally, a mistress is someone who you see on a regular basis, and with whom you share secrets. You tell her about your kids, you complain about your wife and job, and tell her secrets to establish a private bond. It can go so far as being a kept woman, where, like in France, she shows up at your funeral, and sits next to your wife and kids.

Also traditionally, a companion is a lady of the court. She is politically aware, and might trade favors for influence, or vice versa. Not that this is the case in the 21st century, but an SP is usually their own woman. She has her own life to lead, and while she should not betray confidences, so the client should not disclose compromising information. Not that the SP would record let alone remember the compromising information, but the client may nonetheless be concerned for what he said.

The people on this board should generally fall into the companion experience. As such, you should be like James Bond, and be circumspect about state secrets, and seduce and romance the woman for the joy of the evening. You can even try to extract state secrets from her, although I prefer to extract her sexual secrets. :cool: If you need help with this, catch some more James Bond movies on cable, or rent a few at the video store. :D

Am I missing something here?
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