Do rockstars still get laid for free


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Jun 27, 2010
Rock Stars have a large definition. Hockey players in Montreal were used to be treated as Rock Stars. Remember the time , 2009, when the Kostitsyn brothers were playing for Montreal. Once at a strip club, a dancer was very proud to show me explicit pictures of her and AK46. I don't know if she was paid for it but she was not shy to share the pics. Money and famous people are a strong aphrodisiac for young girls. Often they can also have access to free drugs while partying. It's probably a way to boost their self estime. I don't know.


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Mar 26, 2017
I would add music to the money and fame.
Ask any live musician how many offers he gets after a gig. All the more, if they are famous and even more if they are rich. The cumulative effect is exponential!
Today’s “rockstars” are DJs, rappers, movie stars, professional athletes, etc.
It all equates to power.This quote from one of our great philosophers sums it up best:

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, you get the women.” -Tony Montana


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May 10, 2003
The group that gets the most free sex from escorts and other sex workers are male strippers.

Halloween Mike

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Apr 19, 2009
Its true that most big rock/metal bands are aging guys. Metallica and others of a similar age. Metal still move peoples but not the way it did back in the late 70s, 80s and even early 90s. I don't know how the guys from Slayer, Megadeth and other bands act toward groopies now and if the groopies still want to have sex with them. I mean some still look very decent, but lets say Vince Neil is not the hearthrob he used to be :p

That said, rappers and pop artist and other style like that probably are the way rockers were back then as peoples mentioned. Athlete as well surely do too.

Looks surely play a big part but sometimes fame itself can do it. There is a youtuber that was litteraly 500 pounds and he was married to a pretty decent looking woman. Now maybe she really loved him, im not judging, but this was crazy to me. There is also a story he mentioned that once he was with a woman who's fetish was to stuff him, like have him eat and eat ...

I guess if you try and have some fame, anything can happen.

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Dec 17, 2018
All this talk about rockers, Motley Crue, "20 years ago when i was in college" -- lol, I wouldn't trust anyone's opinions in this thread. Y'all are OLD.

The term "Rocker" doesn't hold the power it used to. Rocker as the prime sex-haver in our society? I think that archetype is no longer relevant.

Rock is dead. It's boomer music. You can still model yourself on it, I suppose, if you want saggy, worn-out boomer chicks.

Look at the top 10 charts. There are hardly any Motley Crue-type rockers now. The kids want something different:

I can't imagine Ed Sheeran or Adele in a groupie orgy.

I think the top sex magnet of this generation is probably more on the lines of a social media influencer.

Re "SP that I have spoken with have told me the johns are getting younger. Many in college who pay for play."

I also think cultural attitudes about sex have become much more P4P friendly.

I'm mocking y'all but I'm probably closer to your guys' age. But if I think of a young pussy magnet, I think of someone like Dan Bilzerian.

Bilzerian's constantly surrounded by hot women. But everyone knows he pays them.

And I guess that's probably more acceptable because with social media, Amazon wishlists, and OnlyFans, many young women expect to commercialize their desirability.
Actually I think Fly has a point about what the scene was like 20 years ago and it seems things have changed. In the late 90's/early 2000s I was long out of college (unlike the OP) but was still in my Lounge Lizard King phase on Crescent St. It was a very active party scene. You could still smoke in bars and there was lots of partying and hooking up. There were lots of college age and slightly older girls in these bars who seemed down for a good time. Not that you could get laid every night but if you weren't a train wreck and had some game the odds were fairly decent.
Now to get to the OP's point about why clients are getting younger: for whatever reason the night life hook up culture seems to have died down so it makes sense if escorts notice that John's are getting younger. Maybe the whole MeToo/Woke phenomenon has something to do with. It seems now you are actually at less legal risk seeing an escort than trying to pick up a civilian.
Yes I am an older dude not really in touch with what is happening in youth culture but I suspect this is what is going on.

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Jun 17, 2017
Yes, even this dude god rest his soul had groupies


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Jan 8, 2006
Cost aside, who sees more hot chicks with good service - a rock star or an active punter ? A punter seeing 2-3X girls a week in a city with large supply probably does better much of the time.