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Josie Sparks - Visiting provider - Sophisticated, sweet, soft


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Jul 8, 2021
Contact: [email protected]
Tour dates: September 17th-29th, pre-booking

**Fully vaccinated**

Part time purveyor of pleasure, part time existentialist academic, the bibliophile with a bod. We're going to get along well.



What do you get when you take a precocious 20-something, remove the internalized shame about sex, and empower her to make her own decisions with her body? One hell of a good time.

Welcome, I'm so glad you found me. I'm an independent, low-volume provider, born and raised in Vancouver, visiting Montreal for a week this month. I'm a naturally studious and attentive person, in the midst of getting my degree and splitting my time between the academic world and something a little more risqué.

I love making connections, exploring my clients’ needs and desires, and spending some relaxing, stimulating, sensuous time together. I enjoy this world, and it shows.

Something I love about this particular job is the ability to get to know people from so many different walks of life, with such a diverse set of interests. Tell me what you've been reading lately, give me a copy, let's compare notes. I'll give you an award if you manage to bore me.

Josie's got: Auburn hair, brown eyes, two legs, over 100 million synapses. A very sexy prefrontal cortex. The ability to form and deliver coherent sentences. Insatiability in all its forms. 5'9".



Time is just a construct, but sometimes we've got expectations and places to be, so a clock is necessary. I like to have enough time scheduled so looking at a clock isn't needed. The longer we're together the better, but I'll take you for only a brief spin if I can get it. Let's tango.​

I'm all about girlfriend-style companionship, for people of all genders, and for couples! I play it safe, and I'm not interested in Grecian escapades. I don't like to plan things out, position by position. Let's get to know each other and see where our interests overlap. That said, if you have any total dealbreakers, then let me know.

90 minutes - 500

2 hours - 700

3 hours - 1000

4 hours - 1300



Pre-booking: Please book as in advance as you can manage, as my time is limited and I will book up quickly.
Deposit: In order to secure our time together, I will require a 15% deposit in advance of our meeting.
Screening: Please provide the contact information for 1-2 providers you’ve seen within the last year.​

In your initial message, please include your name, the preferred date and time of our rendezvous, and a reference from another provider if you've seen one within the last year. It doesn't hurt to include some more information about yourself. Entice me, handsome!
[email protected]

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