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Apr 12, 2004
MERB Advertiser Policies:

  1. The ``MERB Advertisers Only`` and ``Help Wanted`` sections are for posts from paid advertisers only.
  2. Promotional posts in other sections of the board, or from non-paid advertisers, are not allowed.
  3. Advertisers are allowed no more than three (3) promotional posts per day in one thread, generally one post in the morning/early afternoon, one post in the late afternoon/evening, one post late evening.
    • Moderators will enforce the spirit of the early/late post portion of this rule without using a stopwatch. Occasional exceptions are understood.
    • The ``three (3) post maximum`` portion of this rule is absolute.

  4. Advertisers are allowed (and encouraged) to edit their previous posts with updates as often as necessary.
  5. ``Bumps and bimps``, posts that are made solely to get to the top of the active thread list and repetitive posts will be deleted.
  6. At the moderator`s discretion, posts that contain information that in their view should be added to the original post of that day, may be deleted or merged with the earlier post.
    Examples of posts that should be made as edits to the original post:​
    • Additions/changes to the evening schedule.
    • Reminders about schedules, rates, etc.
  7. 7. Advertisements will be ''Soft Deleted'' once the subscription duration has expired

    Examples of posts that can be two separate messages:
    • Posting a day schedule and a night schedule that are different from each other.
    • Posting a schedule and announcing a new addition.
    • Posting a schedule and announcing new photos.
    • Posting a schedule and announcing a special that is not regularly offered.

  8. Promotional posts that are deleted (either by the advertiser or by a moderator) count towards the advertiser`s daily posting allowance.
  9. Posts are not allowed in a competitor`s advertising thread.
  10. Direct answers, without unnecessary promotion, to members questions in the ``Escort 411`` section are not subject to the above rules.
  11. Questions in other sections that are from obvious ``shills``, those questions that are posted primarily to allow an advertiser to promote themselves, and all posts from non-advertisers in the advertisers sections will be removed.
  12. Signatures are limited to 80 characters per line, 4 lines maximum, including empty lines. The use of colours and fonts are allowed, but fonts are limited to ``normal`` size only.
  13. Signatures may contain contact information only, without direct promotion. Website links, email addresses, phone numbers, and a quote/slogan/phrase are allowed.
  14. Links to reviews will also be accepted as long as they are links to Merb, Terb or Perb.

    Moderators at their discretion can edit or delete ads that violate the rules
    . Repeat offenders will be suspended.

For non-advertising board members:

  • Questions about our advertisers should be handled directly with the advertiser, or, if the questions are of general interest, in the ``Escort 411`` section.
  • Advertisers know our members want to see pictures of their staff. Questions/complaints about when photos will be available will be deleted.
  • Discussions about provider`s rates in general, belong in ``The Lounge``, subject to our normal posting guidelines. Discuss intelligently with your keyboard, vote with your wallet.

If you have an advertising-related question, or you would like to purchase a or ad, please email Fred ZED, [email protected]. Moderators cannot assist you with these matters.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Moderators
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