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Montreal Escorts Official Best of year 2020!

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Respect & pleasure!
Sep 6, 2017
Here it is ladies and gentlemen...it's that time of the year!...The Annual MERB Montreal Escorts Best of the Year Awards!
Please vote in large numbers for your favorite SPs and Agencies of 2020 to show them your appreciation! May the best candidates win!

Thanks to all ladies out there who gave us so much pleasure this year despite the difficult environment we are in. You are all wonderful! :)

Merci à tous les demoiselles qui nous ont donné autant de plaisirs cette année malgré la situation que nous vivons. Vous êtes tous merveilleuses! :)

MERB Members, please respect the following voting format, guidelines and rules for your post or your vote may be void and eligibility to vote revoked

Voting Format (copy & paste to your post before editing please):

 1. Best Agency SP 2020: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
 2. Best Indy SP 2020: name1(location), name2(location), name3(location)
 3. Best Rookie SP 2020: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
 4. Best Agency 2020: agency1, agency2, agency3
***Review link proof***:

See my post #2 below as an example.

Voting Guidelines:

- Please respect the format above. We copy paste the results in a spreadsheet separated by comma;
- No edits and/or deletions and subsequent re-posting as a new vote is permitted, unless determined by the Voting Committee.
- No comments of any kind are allowed in a voting post, please use the following "Best of 2020 discussion" thread for posting comments: https://merb.cc/xenforo/threads/best-of-2020-discussion.198117/
- Please insert the MERB review link to an actual review(s) you wrote of an SP in 2020, otherwise the Committee and MERB Mods will delete your post.
- Best SP in the first 2 categories (Agency SP, Indy SP) can be named in the Rookie SP category as well if eligible (for SPs that started after November 1st, 2019);
- Vote up to a maximum of 3 names for each category. First selection gets 3 points, Second selection gets 2 points, Third selection gets 1 point.
- The maximum is 3 names per category - however, you can enter 1 or 2 names or no selection at all as well in any of the categories as you wish.

Voting Eligibility and Rules:

• Members who joined in December 2020 or in 2021 will not be considered in the voting poll (sorry, see you in next year’s poll).
• A Member must have written a minimum of one "meaningful" review of a Service Provider (SP) in 2020 (from January 1 to December 31, 2020).
• The review(s) must have been written in any of the following Montreal Escorts reviews sections:
• A Member will have to provide the MERB link of at least one review they posted in 2020 as proof they contributed to the MERB community. This is a review board, If you have not contributed in any meaningful way to the MERB community in 2020 in terms of reviews don't bother voting!
• The Committee will void any edits/deletions to a vote posted. Posts will be copied and screened on a frequent basis. Therefore, any edits/deletions & revote will not be taken into account.
• You can vote for an SP in multiple categories if she is deemed eligible. For example, you can vote for an SP in the “Best Agency SP” category and also vote for the same SP in the “Best Rookie SP” category if she is indeed eligible in both categories.
• For an SP to be eligible in any one category she must have been active in 2020 for a reasonable time period. The Voting Poll Committee will use publicly available information disclosed by the SP on social media and/or public information disclosed by an Escort Agency.
• For an SP to be eligible for “Best Rookie SP” 2020, she must have started as Escort on or after November 1st, 2019.

• The Voting Poll Committee will review every vote for each SP category and the committee will review the post of a MERB Member. The Committee will use its discretion as to whether a vote in a specific SP category and/or a post of a MERB member will be accepted or rejected. To accept or reject a vote by a MERB Member, the Voting Poll Committee will consider factors such as, but not limited to:
1) the date a Member joined MERB
2) the number of meaningful reviews written by a Member since they joined MERB
3) whether the SP was active for a reasonable time period in 2020 in any one of the 3 voting poll categories (Agency, Indy, Rookie).

The mods have been instructed to delete any post missing their review link, comments only and those posted by members that subscribed in December 2020 and 2021 not eligible to vote.

If your "original" voting post has been deleted by the mod due to missing review link, please repost and don't forget to include your review link as proof of your eligibility to vote!

To copy the review link from your review post to your voting post:
1- click on the share icon in the upper right corner of your review post (orange rectangle in first picture below);
2- then click on the copy to clipboard icon (red rectangle in the first picture below) to copy the link to the clipboard;
3- and finally paste the clipboard at the bottom of your voting post after your selections (blue rectangle in second picture below).



Voting ends Friday, January 15th, 2021 end of day. Any vote posted after will be void. The results will be published on Sunday January 17th 2021.

Feel free to PM us for any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you all Happy Voting and an Happy New Year 2021!

The committee of Best of year 2020
Mr P, Sharky and Aspirine.
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Respect & pleasure!
Sep 6, 2017


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May 10, 2003
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