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Montreal Escorts Official Best of year 2020!

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Sep 6, 2017

As a reminder to all MERB Members, prior to voting please read the Rules and Guidelines and respect the Voting Format as shown in Post #1.

Your vote will be REJECTED if you fail to follow the Voting Format as well as the Rules and Guidelines.

Voting Format:

1. Best Agency SP 2020: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
2. Best Indy SP 2020: name1(location), name2(location), name3(location)
3. Best Rookie SP 2020: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
4. Best Agency 2020: agency1, agency2, agency3
+ ***Please insert proof of your MERB review (a "MERB Review link")***

Voting Guidelines:
- No edits and/or deletions and subsequent re-posting as a new vote is permitted, unless determined by the Voting Committee.
- No comments of any kind are allowed in a voting post, please use the "Best of 2020 discussion" thread for posting comments: https://merb.cc/xenforo/threads/best-of-2020-discussion.198117/
- Please insert the "MERB Review Link" to an actual review(s) you wrote of an SP in 2020, otherwise the COMMITTEE WILL REJECT YOUR VOTE.

Happy Voting!

The Committee for the Best of Year 2020

Mr P, Sharky and Aspirine

Also, we instructed the mods yesterday evening to delete any post missing their review link, comments only and those posted by members that subscribed in December 2020 and 2021 not eligible to vote.

If your "original" voting post has been deleted by the mod due to missing review link, please repost and don't forget to include your review link as proof of your eligibility to vote!

To copy the review link from your review post to your voting post:
1- click on the share icon in the upper right corner of your review post (orange rectangle in first picture below);
2- then click on the copy to clipboard icon (red rectangle in the first picture below) to copy the link to the clipboard;
3- and finally paste the clipboard at the bottom of your voting post after your selections (blue rectangle in second picture below).

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Jul 5, 2019


Jun 24, 2016
 1. Best Agency SP 2020: <None tried this year>
 2. Best Indy SP 2020: @Katrinagirl2018 (Katrina Vianna), @Sonia.Von.Sacher (Sonia Von Sacher)
 3. Best Rookie SP 2020: @Fiona777 (Fiona)
 4. Best Agency 2020: <None tried this year>

 ***Review link proof***:
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