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Results best of year 2017!!!


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Apr 15, 2010
Unicorn has taken this year by storm, providing such a unique concept and experience. Not only i was able to experience stuff i never even dreamed of , but the ladies helped me also on a personal level. They really go the extra mile on every level. A big thank you to Jasmine, Hanna, Sonia and the other unicorns.

You had a really great review for Sonia this year, Mike. You really seemed touched by the whole experience. It's too bad we didn't have a "Reviewer of the Year" poll this year, as I definitely think you would've had a shot at it.
Dec 22, 2017
Congratulations XO and Unicorns.

I know Sam since a while now and I know the efforts he puts to make sure that his incalls are the best and that each client gets an amazing experience plus he treats all the ladies very respectfully and I was also fortunate to meet Jasmine once socially for few minutes.


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Aug 10, 2011
congrats to sonia! we havent met yet but hopefully soon

congrats gaia! well deserved

congrats Moses! aka Sam. I call him that cuz instead of splitting seas, he splits legs LOL

Julia Sky

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Oct 29, 2016
Sonia that was possibly the best thank you note it has ever been my privilege to read.

I honestly almost cried a little lol it's insanely beautiful

Mike's Mansion

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Mar 23, 2010
Hello and happy new year to everyone!

I'd like to congratulate everyone nominated and as for the winners............................. :hail:
You guys have more than earned it!
I believe that overall in the merb community i am now one of the longest active agency operators still standing so i'd like to share a few thoughts in regards to that.
First as an innocent doe-eyed rookie booker at Devilish in 2006 (wow 12 years goes fast lol) when "GFE" was first introduced at 160$hr...
Then as manager for Devilish/Girls On Fire to owner of Chloe's Playground/MTLGFE.com and now Mike's Mansion.
I have seen the industry evolve in such a spectacular way! I feel privileged and proud to be a part of it.
I have only ever advertised on this board for a reason. The quality of clientele is unmatched anywhere. I have met so many pleasant, friendly, cool and diverse gentlemen through here that i only hope that across the world similar forums (Google search here i come lol) are available to us hobbyists. As someone stated there has been a changing of the guard. Ex clients (James and Sam) and working girls (Mama Unicorn Jasmine) have impressively set the bar at an all time high. Remarkable work ethic, customer service and recruiting skills are on point! The indies are light years ahead of the old days IMO and more beautiful and talented than ever. The merb admins do a remarkable job that i think is important to acknowledge. FredZed RIP you have made thousands of lives happier on a daily basis. Without you none of this would be what it is. God bless you sir. Jessie and Mods i thank you on behalf of my team and everyone else here for your work and i hope someday i'll be able to meet you guys and have some tequila shots!
As for us we have been hard at work to make 2018 our best year yet. Many surprises and special announcements to come :bounce:
Looking forward to an amazing year, cheers to all, have fun and happy hunting :rockon:

Oh and Jasmine my muse wait till i tell you what i have i mind for our next industry party :D

Michael and the Mansion Team


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May 11, 2003
Mike I met you in 2006.....doe eyed and rookie maybe , but innocent not so much......lol
Congrats for hanging in there while many of your peers are a mere memory.

Around Valentine`s would be a great time for the next Industry Party.:rockon:
Based on what I believe will be mind blowing news in the next week or two, tickets to the next party will be harder to get than Super Bowl 50 yard seats.
Sign me up.


Oct 17, 2006
First as an innocent doe-eyed rookie booker at Devilish in 2006 (wow 12 years goes fast lol) when "GFE" was first introduced at 160$hr...


Congratulations to you too and your team and good luck moving along.

You weren't the only rookie in 2006, I discovered the Montreal scene after moving back from abroad long term job
assignment, then found MERB, DC/Devilish/GOF team and remember asking Chris at the time what the hell
GFE, YMMV means posted on the website...of course the rest is history.

Pipo King

Apr 25, 2012
Cruiser777: hehe guys, you bring me good old memories of the beginning of the agencies on the internet. before it was ads in JdM and photos was a grand luxury. lots of hit and miss.

so congrats to the winner and nominateds.
It was an incredible year 2017 for the hobbying. quality is now on the menu of agencies that are recognized for their good work trough the seasons of Montreal.
thanks to the girls for sharing there energy, time and love.
thanks to the merbist for sharing their experiences that enlight and guides us among the vast choice of opportunities that are offered in our majestic sin city.

Asta la Victoria Siempre! Peace!