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Results! Official best of year 2018


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Dec 28, 2015
Sonia, Lea Abrams, Kellie and XO are the top for 2018!!! Wouhou!

Sonia is the ultimate redhead babe and a sex goddess. A true healer of all the fuck you need to heal. She makes you feel good. She makes you fell like a man! I suspect all who've seen her and participated in the vote got her in their top 3. That is why she got even more points than last year!
Last year's result drew a bit of jealousy. Hopefully not this year. Please girl don't. Just congratulate her.

Scarlett is the wisest girl I have met in this hobby (and frankly one of the cutest too). Everyone should experience the Scarlett show at least once.

And April Rose.... April is the absolute genuine down to earth sexual machine. She is so well grounded that she makes you feel good to use her body as your own sexual toy. No other words to say how much we are fucking spoiled to have a girl like her.

I am sure Lea Abrams would have made the top 3 any past years she was in the biz (but was not eligible). One of the coolest girl I have met in the hobby for sure!

Newcomer Kellie of XO will surely now get more attention ;) Congrats Kellie!

And well XO. WTF!!! 3 years in a row!! Sam and his team really do a fantastic job. Congrats to all!

Here are the top 3 results (longer results below).

Agency SP of the year 2018:
1. Sonia of MUH
2. Scarlett of XO
3. April Rose of MM

Indy SP of the year 2018:
1. Lea Abrams
2. Gaia
3. Delilah Sansregret, Katrinagirl, Maria Star, Rose Delacourt (4 way tie!)

Rookie SP of the year 2018:
1. Kellie of XO
2. Lola of XO
3. Lea Abrams, [email protected] (2 way tie)

Agency of the year 2018:
1. XO
2. Euphoria
3. MUH

Big thanks to all who voted and provided insight...

And much bigger thanks to all the girls!!! We love you!!!

Longer results (remember the points system: 1st choice=3pts, 2nd choice=2pts, 3rd choice=1pt):

1 - Top 10 - Best agency sp 2018:
[email protected] 52
[email protected] 34
april [email protected] 28
[email protected] 19
[email protected] 18
[email protected] 16
[email protected] 16
[email protected] 10
Elena/[email protected]/euphoria 9
[email protected] 8

2 - Top 10 - Best indy sp 2018:
Lea Abrams 21
Gaia 19
Delilah Sansregret 9
Katrinagirl 9
Maria Star 9
Rose Delacourt 9
Sarah(St-Jérôme) 8
Gabrielle Garnier 6
Rebecca4U 6
Vicky Lopez 6

3 - top 10 - Best rookie 2018:
[email protected] 16
[email protected] 14
Lea Abrams 12
[email protected] 12
[email protected] 2 9
Vicky Lopez 7
[email protected] 7
[email protected] 6
[email protected] 6
[email protected] 5
[email protected] 5
[email protected] 5

4- Top 10 - Best agency 2018:
XO 112
Euphoria 59
MUH 52
Vogue 50
MM 34
Godiva 23
Velvet 9
montrealsexcity 3
Wildtime 3
xxxceptions 3

p.s. MannishBoy thanks a lot my friend. Your powerful Excel file makes this job so easy! You spent as much time as me on this if not more! You are a bro!

p.s. (2) The top 3 SP of the year are exactly my personal top 3 :) Do I get a reward? haha just kidding!

Mannish Boy

Sep 12, 2011
Jalimon, you are welcome, and thanks to you for putting this together.
It was a pleasure doing the awards again with you this year. As the "Independent Accounting Firm Geek", I was happy to just rub elbows with the stars, dying to see some cleavage backstage. (Nothing of the sort happened; I'm just kidding...)

Congratulations to all the ladies; someone liked you enough to go forward and tell everyone you were the best in his eyes. That is something rare.


Jun 9, 2017
Congrats to all the winners!

Most particularly Kellie, whom I voted for as Top Rookie. You're one of a kind and your service is simply amazing. For guys who haven't met you yet, I'm positive this will entice them.

And Sam... what can I say! You run a pretty sweet and smooth business! Congrats my friend!


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Mar 6, 2013
Congrats to everyone, that gives me a plan to set up my TDL, and can I say that 4 way tie for Indy sounds like it would be hot.


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Mar 27, 2010
Congrats to all winners ...
wow what a surprise
I am not very active as some of you knows ...
hence why I didn't vote this year BUT I know it all :bounce:
And this year I am quite pleased to see how the results are honnest and accurate !
Unlike previous years where it was, let say, quite obvious there was some doubts! :nono:

Bravo to
Sonia @ Muh
Lea Abrams
Kelly @ XO
And obviously big shout out to XO again best agency !
Congrats Sam you deserve it all for sure with you hard dedicated work! :rockon:


kellie XO
Feb 28, 2018
YAYYYYYYY thanks to everyone who voted :D and crongats to all my fellow providers !
but mostly congratulations to my wonderful boss who won (again)


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May 11, 2003
Great job Jal and those who helped compile this list.
Congrats to the girls . You are all winners.


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Apr 11, 2018
Pothole City
Kudos Jalimon and to all those who helped you! And congrats to all the winners!

I was in charge of the poll one year with Handi's help...not as easy as many would think!


Jan 14, 2016
Congrats Lea !

From an MP guy to an ex MP girl !

Be well and take care of yourself..

Kind regards.


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Sep 6, 2017
Congrats ladies and thanks you all for the amazing times and memories you provided us this year! Congrats and thanks for all agencies and their staff to make this happen! We are so lucky to have such wonderful ladies and top qualities agencies here at MTL. Thanks to Jalimon and Mannish Boy for there great work here. My goal is to meet all ladies that will be part of top 10 SP and rookie next year (top 3 is too easy for me) Haha!

Heaven Skye

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Jun 5, 2016
Wowww!! :cheer2: Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote. It might seem so simple for you, but it really touches my heart and make a difference for me . I never thought that I would ever be in the top 10, not even a second. Thank you so much, I love you all :love: :kiss: Heaven <3


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Jul 31, 2011
Félicitations à toutes les filles mentionnées dans les top 10....bien méritées et merci les filles.....Merci aussi à Jalimon et ses aides pour le bon travail pour une bonne cause...lollll:yo::yo::yo:


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Jul 31, 2011
113 bien sûr big:yo:à XO pour son triplé....bien bien merité...Bravo Sam et bravo à ton équipe.


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Dec 30, 2015
I’m soo honoured - Thank you so much! You guys really don’t know how much this means to me :)

It was a huge decision to go Indy and knowing that you guys truly appreciate spending time with me has made it beyond worth it! I may have officially left, but Mtl will always hold a special place in my heart! You guys helped shape who Lea Abrams is today and I will forever be grateful!

Thank you to all those who voted and a big thank you to Jalimon & helpers for organizing.

Another big thanks to Mari & YPG - I was so fortunate to start my career in such an awesome and supportive environment. This just goes to show that MPs are not to be overlooked ;)

Congrats to Sonia, Kellie and Sam & the XO team as well as all those nominated <3

See you guys very soon ;)