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Jul 21, 2003
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Hey guys and gals,

what can you tel me about the Sofitel ? I'm thiking of booking a room there soon to meet with one of MTL's finest.

I got some pretty good rates on the internet for a deluxe room (there's the classic - smallest, then the superior - middle range and finally the Deluxe- bigger and better) and I was wondering what you could tell me from your point of view.

I like clean rooms, large rooms, large bathrooms and a look that doesn't say "hotel room" with the ugly bed spread and all...

Are they SP friendly ? None of that card in the elevator crap I hope ?

PS: I picked it 'cause the price is really reasonable, and I find the location so "central"


MG (mtl)


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May 2, 2003
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If I remember correctly, the Sofitel is "newly rebuilt", and the insides are very nice indeed. I have rarely gone wrong anywhere in the world in a Sofitel (including in Europe and in Japan).

It is right on Sherbrooke, not far from Cresent and other areas...

I am not sure if it is SP friendly or not, but there are plenty of places within a block walk that you could use as a meeting place if it isn't.



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Aug 3, 2003
West Island
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Yes, the Sofitel is the former Canadian Liquid Air office building, built on the site of the Square Mile mansion of Canadian Pacific Railway's Sir William Van Horne.

No card is required for the elevator, and the elevators are in a straight line from the entrance door, not readily visible from the busy check-in area.

Rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, are very comfortable, and bathrooms with their separate tub/shower combos are elegant...beds are soft and warm, with big duvets instead of hotel supply house bedspreads.

When our company has downtown conferences, we often take a block of rooms at the Sofitel, so that we can work late and start early, rather than have our employees get caught up in commuting an hour or each way or have to tie in with the commuter train schedules.

The hotel's GM, Jean-Christophe Gras, is very hospitable, and their PR is handled by the Gazette's society column maven, Veronica Redgrave.

I would think that any SP would be very happy to join you at the Sofitel...but might assume you had paid the $300/night rack rate and not your internet firesale tariff...and attempt to charge you accordingly. Tell her that your company looked after the room, and you were honoured as you are just a middle manager and not an executive.