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Summer Social - 2022 September 1rst - Over 20 Confirmed Providers! - April Killian (aka April Rose)

April Rose

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Mar 6, 2017
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I'm so excited to invite you to my Summer Social! It's been a long time since we had one! This a social event, there is no sex on site.
You are welcome to take your fav providers information and set a date with them!

150$ / Per client
All providers will receive a small enveloppe for their presence
Send me an email at [email protected] for details
Screening via Reference or Pic of Id. for Details and updated line up of confirmed Providers attending

The venue can hold upto 300 people, the more clients we are able to book, the more providers we will be able to add to attend ( we currently have over 15 people waitlist!)

Providers : Please dm me to be on the list! And bring business cards!
Ashley Madison