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Valerie Love

Your Lustful French Mademoiselle
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Apr 28, 2020
Hello gentlemen,
How have you been?
I'm delighted you have found me!

Let me present myself.
I'm a 22 year old full time Undergraduate student.
My name is Valerie. What about my last name?
Isn't it the most beautiful thing in the world: Love!

I'm an old soul, a romantic individual.
My head in the clouds and I have a mind of my own.
I wish to be a writer someday and leave a mark before I go.
Life is such an unpredictable and delicious adventure, let's make it unforgettable.

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I am a refined and classy lady.
The kind who gets lost in books with her glasses falling off her nose.
The one you will find enjoying her coffee in her favorite coffee shop or simply walking in the park, lost in her ideas.

Being a companion is giving myself fully.
I am a giver, a healer, a curious young lady who is intrigued by everyone she meets.
I believe we meet for a certain reason.
My purpose is to spread love and happiness.
I'll touch your soul, as you'll get lost in my gaze.
I'll touch your heart with the sound of my laugh.
I'll make love to your mind, write poems to your skin.
I'll make this moment we share, the most precious thing to hold on to.
I'll be yours, fully yours for a little while.
And no matter what, in your heart, you'll always cherish that.

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This secret will be ours to hold on to.
I'll be your lover, your mistress, your deepest fantasy.
I'll be everything you need and want.

I'll preciously wait for your love note.
Tell me more about where you are from, your expectations and desires.
Be sweet, be honest. I'll cherish every demand you'll kindly ask me.

You wish a ménage à trois?
It would be a delight to share a moment with one of my friends.
I offer duos with Julia Sky, Angela Heaven, Sylviana Hills, Chloé St-Laurent, Milla Metelyk and my sexy friend Chanel.
You can find out more by clicking


Ladies and couples are welcome. Inquire me for further information.

Available for incalls & outcalls.
Please take note that I will offer outcalls only for 1,5h or more and will add a 50$ outcall fee to my rates.

Here is everything you need to know:

Your naughty GFE
1h - 350$
1,5h - 520$
-Preferred for new lovers-
2h - 700$
3h - 1000$
4h - 1200$
6h - 1800$

Your PSE Fetish
1h - 450$
1,5h - 675$
2h - 900$
3h - 1350$

If you wish to find out more,
here's what my lovers said about me. ❣

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For more info, you can visit my website:
Here is my email address: [email protected] and phone number: (438) 455-6500
You can follow me on Twitter: ValerieLove2898

My schedule for this week and the week coming up can be found on my website.
I ask for a 24h notice for prebooking.
A small deposit will be asked for new lovers.
Thank you. Until then.
Yours truly,
Valerie xxx

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Valerie Love

Your Lustful French Mademoiselle
Supporting Member
Apr 28, 2020
Schedule for the next 2 weeks

January 17th - 23rd
Sunday the 17th: From 2h pm to 4h pm
Monday the 18th: 5h - 7h pm
Tuesday the 19th: from 9h am to 11h30 pm / 5h - 7h pm

January 24th - 30th
Sunday the 24th: 9 am to 4h pm
Monday the 25th: 11h30 am - 1h30 pm / 5h - 7h pm
Tuesday the 26th: 12h - 2h pm / 5h - 7h pm
Friday the 29th: From 2h pm - 7h pm