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    I would like to know from the readers of this board what does GFE means to all of you.
    I know the meaning from the abriviation list of this board :
    GFE = Girl Friend Experience (providing aspects of social and physical interaction beyond the act itself)
    Last week my husband and I called an agency and the receptionist kept asking me if I want GFE. When the girl arived she explained us that GFE was a service given without condom. I told the girl that between my husband and myself we always use a condom, so does that mean we are not husband and wife or boyfriend/girlfriend??
    I see there is a major importance on this board about GFE, I would like to know what a GFE girl is suppose to do??

    Thank you in advance

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    There are two seperate camps on this issue

    On one side, you have those who believe GFE is as you said ``providing aspects of social and physical interaction beyond the act itself``

    This means conversation, snuggling, kissing, outside dates and pretty much any encounter in which one doesn`t feel like they are with an SP.

    The other side of it is service oriented, LFK/DFK, Daty, Greek, and pretty much the entire abbreviation dictionary. The more the SP does the more she is considered GFE by those who view it this way.

    The second version is, for some reason the more popular one and the one agencies use the most when they say my girls are GFE.

    By the way, I think what the lady that visited you and your husband meant was Oral service without condom, no SP is crazy enough to have unprotected sex, or at least I really hope not.
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    In my book, GFE includes DFK, daty and (without being asked extra$).

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