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Thread: Montreal Escort for a Ten-Hour-Long Road Trip in Your Car

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    Montreal Escort for a Ten-Hour-Long Road Trip in Your Car

    Inspired by a local sports writer’s column about the most interesting SF Bay Area athletes, I pose the following question: If you could choose one Montreal escort with whom you would take a ten-hour drive in your car, who would that be and what would be the reasons for your selection?

    I only get to Montreal infrequently so I have only seen about a dozen of your fine ladies in the past year, but my vote would go to Molly of MTLGFE. She’s bright, articulate, well traveled, a foodie, and a supporter of ”Green” causes. An added bonus (I can dream, can't I?) would be one of her amazing DTBBBJTCIMs at a mid-trip rest stop. Thanks, I’d love to hear your votes.

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    Might as well close the thread now. Gotta be Molly. It's unanimous. End of story.
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    Well I guess it would have to be two (One to drive and one to enjoy in the back seat) Better still if they both took turns driving and entertaining. IF ONLY ?

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