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    I was just wondering which website is the most trustworthy or, or some other site? Or are they all pretty much the same?

    Chuck G.

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    Well, Ad sites have mostly B & S ads... You must learn how to filter the good & the bad...

    Annonce 123 is the site that has the most ads I would say. 90% B& S
    AnnonceIntime has less ads but I found some that don't happear in 123. Also, the ads come up faster on AnnonceIntime cause free ads on 123 takes time to get validated... 85% B/S
    Maryly. 85% B&S
    Backpage. A lot of Asian Agencies... 95% B&S
    Jays X List. I don't go there anymore...
    There are many much more but I don't look at them since this is the same ads I think...

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