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Thread: Other hobby benefits...

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    Other hobby benefits...

    Besides the obvious, what are some of the side benefits of the hobby? Here are some of mine:

    1- driven to and got to see parts of the city I never would have gone to if it weren't for the incall location. I have improved my knowledge of the city.

    2- seen how bad drugs and/or poverty can take someone who otherwise had potential for more. I appreciate my life more and have become more charitable.

    3- have met some really nice people that if it weren't for their line of business, we might have become close friends.

    4- have learned to see things from a different perspective... Wether that be from a different linguistic, cultural, or economic point of view.

    5- have learned more about likes and dislikes...through many sexual encounters. I experimented more than I would have with my regular partner and have brought much of these experiences home.

    What about you?


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    1. The journey is just as much fun as reaching the destination. Sometimes even more so.
    2. Being in this hobby you get to meet women who are more open (mentally and emotionally) and liberated where it will help you in many ways other than dealing with the opposite sex.
    3. With sex so easily available it does not occupy you so much where you can now focus on and be inspired to build/create things.

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    1-It has prevented me from cheating on my wife (she hobbies with me--so I never get bored)
    2-I have gotten to practice my limited French (Je pense que les filles Quebecoises sont les meilleurs professeurs!)
    3-It has forced me to stay at least somewhat physically fit.
    4-I have learned how to operate a hotel Jacuzzi/spa really well.

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    Well, from a guy like myself who never EVER wanted to hang out with other "hobbyists" at first, i would have to say meeting some great people and making a few life long friendships with others i met thru the "hobby" is the biggest side benefit. i was invited to meet for a drink thru PM with a very well known and respected hobbyist on here and got cold feet at the last second and totally blew off the meeting, i mean why on earth would i wanna meet a guy from a sex board for a drink to say hello???

    Then, after much thought and being the kind hearted and honest person that i am, i felt really bad about it and decided to meet up the next time our schedules made it possible....Since then i have met some really nice people in the biz, both guys and girls and have developed a few friendships that will last a lifetime. Met some weirdos as well but i am a pretty good judge of people and know who is sincere and who is not.... anyways, i am glad i changed my mind from the initial stereotypes i thought were associated with EVERYONE in the hobby...... like everywhere, there is good and bad in any profession and any walks of life. I would say, "besides the obvious" that was/is the biggest side benefits of the hobby for me, again, besides the obvious

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    Besides the obvious, what are some of the side benefits of the hobby?

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    Lily from Montreal
    It allowed me to meet people from fields so different from my real life that I would never had the chance otherwise and I've made wonderful friends, some friendships are virtual but still important for me,all brings different points of view and lifestyles and yes makes me realize how lucky I am in love and life...
    As for the more strange persons I've does makes good stories to tell...
    And I get to reside albeit temporarily in gorgeous hotels I could never have access in real life...I love hotels loll
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    I develop my tastes & knowledges at many levels (ei: food, arts, cigars, wines & etc, a lots of knowledges and particularly geography and the habits of life in certain places, men`s mentality/sensibility & likes/dislikes... etc)

    About the last point about men: I think this is a rare opportunity in life to be able to meet someone who will be totally open on himself and not lying by wearing any mask of convention. So, my activity of escort/companion is giving me it, and I am very grateful for that, because that makes me a better person to be able now to understand others much more easily, and to size them also with a very high accuracy just by reading their writings also.

    And plus, I know for sure that I will be a very, but a very good lover for my future eventual lover, not only for the ``obvious``, but for all the human qualities who grow up while my activities. I heard so many men who did talk to me about their ``not so good`` relationship they were living, and why they were not so good. I know what is important for a man and how he could see things from his own perspective. Being an escort/companion for me is a fantastic experience for that part.

    Of course, there are other parts who are very less funny, like all the wasting of time & misadventures with the ``less gentleman guys``, but hey! even that part is bringing me some positive: it learns me to be really, but really patient, and to really not care about unimportant things, and to deal ``on the spot`` with some strange situations, and find very quickly a ``B plan``.

    That`s probably not conventional to live that kind of life, but that`s really not what the society is spreading on itself for me.

    *[COLOR=``#FF0000``]Warning: I am adding something important, for the eventual female readers: That life of escorting is not for everyone, please don`t take what I wrote for an incitative. Some girls were burned out with their experiences as an escort, don`t forget.

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    I've learned my bank's closest ATM locations to where I hobby...
    Have a blast

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    What a great thread Czar!

    Hobbying in Montreal has allowed me to experience it in other cities & countries, that otherwise I would not have ventured there.
    You ``learn the ropes`` from sites like MERB & TERB, then can spot a worker anywhere, or online like CL or local newspapers.
    Knowing how to read between the lines. What fun!

    As for Maria - as a guy I cannot begin to understand your line of work - though I appreciate your POV.
    In the last 10 years I`ve seen great persons like yourself ``take a break`` from this job, and most of talking about it (usually we miss her, when she`s coming back, etc) kind of wonder, did she meet a special someone, and that someone doesn`t want her to escort?

    I understand the 18-25 age girls paying their way through college working the parlors - where the most amount of money in the shortest time is practical, versus working at 10 bucks an hour.

    But the ``companion`` aspect - the career girl, is it like a race - I explain - while young you can charge a high rate being desirable, but when you hit 40`s, what`s the backup plan? Surgery, or a career move, like a real estate agent?

    IOW, diminishing returns, the opposite of a ``regular`` career male, after 20 years starts to make a high salary and wants more candy in his life, and can keep it up for a long time. Women companions in their 50+ become less desirable to the men in the same age bracket.

    Don`t want to hijack the thread here...I just have a soft spot for outgoing sexy intelligent women and wish I have 100x the money in my back account. I`m sure I`d be like the Google CEO, multiple ``shared girlfriends``.

    I think we are privileged here in Quebec, compared to that poor Canadian MLA that got caught in a John Operation. He obviously wasn`t a learned John reading from TERB.
    ...larger than ever
    ...but divorce had me lose weight...I can see the tip now!

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    Hum its a good question i got to say...

    I supose i get to montreal and enjoy seeing friends i wouldn't see that "often" if i was not going to MTL for other business...

    I also visit a lot the pawnshop round the downtown area and managed to find movies/cds and stuff i could not where i live.... i can't imagine going to all the pwnshop in montreal... damn that would cost me more than a double escort meeting lol

    Also each visit is kind of like a break from my daily life, as much as i like gaming and my home, its a good thing to take a break, do something else and such. There is also lots of events in MTL , last year i was there while the street was transformed in a giant theater... that was cool even tough i didn't watch the movie. I got to admit i was a bit displease it was in english with french subtiles...should had been the other way around but oh well... thats just me :P
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    It helped me to understand humanity. I understand the meaning of There for the grace of god go I much better now than ever before. Take a look around you of the people that do not hobby ( or claim not to hobby ) Would you like to be that way you are or be the pretentious judgmental prudes that they are? I know a guy that did the whole get married and have a family thing early in life. His understanding of the world is limited to the walls of his house, his work and the little window that is called a television where he looks out into the wide wide world.

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    While I've spent my adult life rarely at a loss for a girlfriend or wife, my sex life had always been rather conventional, tame. It's just in the last couple of years that a couple of very creative younger women have taught me the value of experimentation. You know who you are. Thanks.
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    Don`t want to hijack either, but there is a big parenthesis to answer to you:

    I will explain a bit further:
    My point of view on my activities, are exactly, that they are ``activities with benefits`` and none a job or career.
    I know that point of view is not pleasing to a lots of escorts/companion who want their activities been recognized as such.
    But everyone is entitle to see life thru his/her own feelings, right?
    Don`t worry, I don`t see them as a regular dating also. That`s totally different in the essence.

    And, about the fact that if I fall in love a day, that I`ll quite:
    That won`t be because ``my man`` will not tolerate it. It is just that I am terribly romantic.
    My activities as an escort are some kind of adventures I am living as a single woman,
    so single = no harm done & no cheating. I am a very dedicated passionate woman, if I have feelings for someone, I will want to concentrate only on him.
    I am a very traditional woman, maybe it is because of my ethnic heritage?
    Escorting did not change my point on view on love and on my principles I learned and apply in life.
    I just kept my heart & feelings normal. Maybe I am having a very strong background/positive mentality towards life.

    I know certain older escorts who are asking high level of donation. I think the older you get, the ``most beautiful you should be for your age`` to keep success in those activities.
    Everything is possible, it is just that the youngest ladies have probably less personal efforts and/or not having a mandatory great personality and/or ``special capacities/``talents`` to be booked. The sun is shining for everyone. (and by the way, I don`t think to be encountering at 50, but who knows? maybe if my good genes/hormones still continue to work well and if I am still single, will see.)

    That`s a very interesting thread, by the way. Good subject.

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    I would have to say that I have learned a lot about different cultures, geographies, languages, customs etc. For example, I can speak, read, and understand many words and phrases in Portuguese thanks to the hobby. My desire to improve my hobby experience drove me to practice Portuguese daily. Now I practice just because I appreciate the language and I enjoy practicing and improving.

    I have learned much from forums like these about where to eat, drink, stay, change money, shop, commute, and what to see while on a hobby trip. I have made friends with people from all walks of life due to our mutual interest (the hobby).

    Most importantly, I have been able to determine empirically that many of the stereotypes and conventional wisdoms about the oldest profession are untrue. I have yet to see any firm evidence that any of these girls are forced to do this against their will. I have not run into anyone that appeared trafficked or underage. I have learned that the vast majority of the hobbyists go out of our way to treat the SPs civil if not very good. I never cease to be amazed at how nice some of the ladies are. Several of them you would never dream that they are prostitutes. The SPs come from all walks of life, just like the hobbyists. While this knowledge has ruined my enjoyment of certain movies like Taken for example, it does provide some comfort that there are far less victims out there than the conventional wisdom would like you to believe.

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