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Thread: Action - no posts but wants info ????

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    Action - no posts but wants info ????

    I received a request for information from a member called Action When I sent back a reply pointing out that because he has zero reviews and zero participation on the board I wasn't prepared to share information with him, I was unable to send this as his inbox is full. I suspect he is also asking a lot of others the same types of questions and these things make me suspicious. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on this member.
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    This member was using a proxy combined with an invalid email address. After doing a search, 5 other members using the same proxy were found. These members have now been banned permanently. Use of a proxy, or any other method to hide your location, to access MERB is prohibited unless a valid reason has been provided to a moderator and such access has been approved.

    Anyone who receives any PM from a member who does not participate in discussions or post reviews on the board should think twice before responding to it and report the PM using the new report function.

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    Good detective work Doggyluver and Mod 8.

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