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  • need to clear some space in your pm box so i can send you the code to redeem your prize from MSC
    They all scattered to different clubs. Dunno where they went. Black girls are not easy to find at Montreal clubs. There are many out of town.
    yes she said it was terrible. what days are usually good there? i'm thinking of tryna get her in a bodyrub spot during the day just dont dont know which one.
    alright i'mma look into it, she worked in pink paradise on friday and made no money smh, tonight she's at sexy hollywood in saint-jerome tried to message u but ur inbox is full
    Cloud, my good fellow, how are things?
    Tell me is the downtown club scene as dead as it appeasr to me, viewing from Boston as I do?
    The Cleo's thread offers little of value or interest, whereas four or five years ago
    it was a real time barometer of the club
    I read your posts whenever I see them, but you too seem less active these days
    which leads me to believe the scene, overall, is winding down?
    Report if you can on 10-35
    and any other clubs you have checked out recently
    Are you a kingdom fan?
    what was that club, way up the Main, Baby Blue?
    i was there once only, it was a morgue
    I planned a quick trip back in April, but work issues blew that up.
    The economy has liquidated my strip club discretionary spending anyway,
    not to mention the overhead of hotel, gas, food, drink
    I vow to be up again, I must especially if Cleo's takes it in the neck
    Maybe October... my birthday
    I hope all is well with you
    Please respond at your convenience
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