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Thread: Happy Birthday Rumpleforeskiin

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    Happy Birthday Rumpleforeskiin

    All the best to my buddy, my mentor, and my good friend on his special day, Bonne Fete Rumps!
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    HAHA good one Iggy, !!!Happy Birthday!!!! rumples, have fun with the duo on your special day.

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    Happy birthday Rumples. You singlehandedly make the baseball threads worth reading.

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    Hopefully tonight you will dick-tate your will at will ! Happy b-day and many more
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    Happy Birthday Mr Skiin!! Hopefully the Sox will deliver a W for it.

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    Happy birthday Rumples. You singlehandedly make the baseball threads worth reading.
    As do you in the hockey threads Mr Cairo!
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    Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) English, motherfu*ker, do you speak it?

    Typical Yankee fan in the Merb Sports Section!! Bwwaahh.

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    Happy Birthday Rumps... just remember, age is just a number. I myself have been the same age for three straight years now

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    Happy 55th birthday, Mr. Foreskin. Have a good one!

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    Thanks to all for the good wishes. It was quite a night, indeed.
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