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    no digits

    just like to have your answer on a escort who does not allow digits
    I find it kind of strange and she charges 210.00 and 10.00 for driver

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    people are like that... some will allow your dick in there mouth, even your sperm, but won't kiss you.. So well... what can we say... Ask her to put a condom on your finger... maybe she will be ok with it LOL
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    Look behind you.
    There are a couple I know who do not allow digits and one of them told me it was because a lot of men do not trim their finger nails and scratch them which causes immense pain.

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    No digits, yes I understand.

    But what about girls that allow it but wait......only 1 finger?!?!
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    Hello all,

    Quote Originally Posted by Sol Tee Nutz View Post
    ...a lot of men do not trim their finger nails...which causes immense pain.
    The big reason why I don't do this or have much talent for it is the fear of hurting the lady. Few escorts want digits, but some do. I have never been comfortable with it, so the latter have been disappointed. But, once there was an encounter where I used my fingers. I was very cautious, but I continued because she seemed to respond deeply. Somehow she had quite an explosive orgasm. Despite that one successful event I still worry about hurting a lady and won't try it any more.


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    Maybe she is not yet up to date on the digital age and is still anal - log!

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    My current favourite allows DATY, DFK, but no digits. I think it is her perogative. She's probably had clients handling cash which isn't the cleanest thing.

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    I have been with a few that do not allow digits, it's because they had bad experiences getting scratched/bleeding and now they just avoid it.
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    The dirty/sharp fingernail story is as old as the caves and is the perfect cover up.

    They will tell you that even if your fingers are cut and clean....


    No digits always means that she is on the rag and has a sponge up there and she does not want you to feel it.

    Go back the next week when she is off the rag and the digits will be fine.

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    i think that most sps that don't allow fingers is because they were either cut or they got some infection/bacteria from unclean hands. even a micro-cut will hurt.

    i've seen an sp that had a contraceptive sponge in her vagina. she told me about it. she allowed me to use my fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summers09 View Post
    I prefer using a toy. I know that SP’s toy will be cleaned and safer for her.
    Actually toys can be risky too, I was injured by a client who pushed a vibrator too far inside of me somewhat aggressively.

    Whether you are playing with your fingers or toys, please be gentle!

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