For those interested in the prostitution/trafficking debate in the USA but who don’t have time to read much about it, I would recommend this 45 minutes nutshell, a talk given by one of the few who do not make my dear profession look pale on this matter, Ronald Weitzer, by far the most articulate American and science based sociologist on prostitution in the USA.

There is a sublime candy after the talk (at minute 50:55 of the video)

Who has not heard this statement: Sex trafficking is the third (sometimes claimed second) largest organised criminal activity worldwide, a claim amplified ad nauseam by International agencies and the USA State department, including it’s TIP Reports.

Well meet the guy who said it! At 50 minutes 55, during the question period. Absolutely hilarious! He shoots it in a private meeting precisely after saying he does not really have a clue, that it is simply impossible to estimate, but he would guess it's the third. An internal reporter was there and writes an internal note about the meeting, a normal thing, in which he cites him. Circulation gets beyond control. It lands on all the agencies desktops. He gets cited everywhere anonymously. And then the spiral of inflation starts building, based on absolutely empty evidence, just like his own estimates. He has decided to go public.

Finally for those Obama fans who are desperate to get some good news to spread. It looks like he clearly understood what was going on with the anti prostitution/trafficking scam. Weitzer says they have shifted their attention to the real issues.