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Thread: Montreal escorts that visit NYC?

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    Montreal escorts that visit NYC?


    Does anyone know of Montreal escorts that regularly visit NYC? I would think they'd be quite popular compared to the local talent.


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    Well Chloe Milan does from time to time
    Et je l'écoute (Joël Bouchard) toujours jusqu'à la fin de son laïus parce que je suis convaincu qu'un jour, il va terminer en nous offrant des voitures usagées à des prix INCROYABLES!

    -Ronald King

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    Frenchgfe does it which is the touring offshoot of MGF. Don't know if they still do it though since the website has been down for the past few days and the last girl that visited NYC was Claudia.

    I think Sara Wild still does it but don't know. Never met her but I do know she used to frequently visit NYC. Try to email her.

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